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Hi Lobste.rs,

Last time I posted a job here, it went smashingly. We ended up hiring a member of the community (they start in a couple of weeks). I figured I’d try again. This one is a little harder though: it’s geographic specific.

We’re looking for a developer evangelist or an engineer who would be interested in doing lots of community building. We have a good presence in New York City but need one in the San Francisco area. There’s a ton of developers concentrated in the Bay Area that we want to reach. Having someone working at Wallaroo Labs who lived there would go a long way.

We’re reasonably flexible regarding responsibilities so if you don’t match the job description exactly or don’t want precisely that role, message me, and we can set up some time to talk.

We want someone is who:

  • Interested in helping remove user friction when getting started or using Wallaroo
  • Likes speaking at meetups & lunch n’ learns
  • Is comfortable going into companies to give Wallaroo demos/product pitches

You could do the above as part of a full-time Developer Evangelist/Sales Engineer role, or you could do it in addition to being an Engineer.

I look forward to chatting with you.