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    See Vala (programming language) on Wikipedia. It’s a language for GNOME that’s C#-like and compiles to C. I would like to recommend to the author to ask a native speaker to proof-read the book. It’s quite readable, but the lack of articles is a bit distracting (I know this is hard).

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      Also worth noting is that it compiles to C with GObject at the center of it’s object system. It has it’s benefits like quite easy interfacing with dynamic languages, but for me GObject is too crazy. Maybe I’m prejudiced, but it’s like painfully manual C++ although more dynamic. At this point for me it would be better idea to just write in C++.

      However Vala hides all this, so mostly one sees good parts.

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        Yes, but I don’t want to throw technical details at first without even writting a simple hello, world program.

        Yes. Hence I submitted link over here. Someone who has good experience with Vala can take a look.

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        Had no idea Vala exists. What a wonderful little language, wasted my evening playing with it!

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          It really is a hidden jewel. I wouldn’t call it little though! I’ve been a fan for several years, I have not used it in anger yet, though.

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            i used it for a project some years ago, wrapping a maemo gui interface around an open source C library. it was very pleasant to use, and suited the task admirably, though today i’d probably use D for the same thing.

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          Very cool book! Do you think you’ll resubmit to lobste.rs when it’s finished?

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            Definately, along with source code and GUI chapters. But, currently I am stuck on story. I mean story of making Pupil.