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    Why You Shouldn't Use Facebook privacy kevq.uk
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    Nice list, but all these articles don’t help me with essentially the last use I have for Facebook. Events management. Lots of the events I go to are announced and promoted on Facebook. These are also the kind of things that have last minute location and date changes. What alternatives do I have to getting access to these events otherwise?

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      Very true. The fact of the matter is that there is no real replacement. Purely because the the sheer number of people on Facebook. This is all indicative of “I’m not moving because no-one is on x service”. It’s a catch 22 that isn’t likely to change.

      Fact of the matter is, you’re likely to miss things by not being on Facebook. But my privacy is more important to me than the fear of missing out. To be fair though, I don’t feel I miss out on that much - anything big, my friends will message me separately to let me know that something is going on.

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        Yes, Facebook is especially nice to discover things that happen around you in your neighborhood. I have attended cool events that I would have never heard of. I wish this was a different app/platform, but that’s unfortunately the standard around here

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          I’m waiting for https://github.com/framasoft/mobilizon to get released and then I hope to convince people to crosspost to both services

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        Maybe it’s coincidence by virtue of who I associate with, but I have the feeling that Facebook is far less popular among younger generations (Gen-Z and later) than “older” ones (Millennials and upwards). Sadly it’s mostly not for the valid reasons illustrated here, as seen by the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, but rather that the model a “universal, personal pinboard” isn’t that attractive. What are you going to do after all, if you’re parents are perhaps more active on the site than you are (certainly is so in my case).

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          As an almost 26 year old, Instagram is where most of my Internet socialization happens (as well as iMessage). An Instagram username is usually what you are given before or with a phone number, a lot of group chats happen there as well as general hanging out. Additionally, a lot of organizations and people post events and new work there.

          Quitting Facebook now is easy, unless you’re way older. Quitting Instagram and Snapchat as a young adult is more difficult.

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            I’ve had this feeling for a long time - my child was allowed to get a FB account at 13 and didn’t bother. It’s the reason for FB (the company) to keep buying sites that appeal to the core young demographic (16-25) that’s most attractive to advertisers. The older ones are allowed to wither… but the interpersonal connections are still monitored by FB.com.

            The title should be updated to say “don’t use any social network owned or dependent on Facebook”…

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              What I saw in my experiences are that… when your parents join whatever social network you use, it’s time to evacuate.

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                Don’t a lot of these points apply to Instagram as well?

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                  I think that a lot of people are well aware of why shouldn’t you use Facebook, but the more important question in that case is how to circumvent it. I daily use Facebook Messenger to communicate with classmates, and having them to make a switch won’t change if even like half of them switch, because a lot of communication is carried through a group chat, and if the other half didn’t want to switch originally and the original half who switched had Facebook before, then it will just leave the group chat as it was. And people are generally not willing to switch, because

                  1. privacy argument doesn’t work (either they don’t care or “they don’t anything to hide”) even if there’re ads in the application
                  2. “because everyone is already on facebook” and why would they switch?; besides, I think that even if there was a switch from Messenger then it probably would be to Whatsapp.
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                    It’s not just privacy. I haven’t spoken to anyone on my mom’s side of the family in over 20 years. If I wanted to hear about how Obama was born in Kenya, “hilarious” racist jokes, and conspiracies involving the basement of a pizza restaurant that doesn’t even have a basement, I’d just go talk to them.

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                      Got plenty of them in my family list, too. I can skim past it cuz everyone gets dumb or obnoxious on politics on social media.

                      The main drawback is peer pressure and convenience made many only put significant events on Facebook. All the rest check Facebook for that stuff. I end up being literally the only one that didn’t know and looking like am asshole. Fortunately, a few people keep me in the loop on the most important stuff. Lots of missed opportunities, though, that will make me turn it back on at some point.

                      I just dread the notifications. I’ll probably have a thousand… probably something important in there, too… (sighs)

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                        My wife (bless her) is on Facebook and keeps me in the loop. So many kid birthday parties and various other things tend to only be posted there, you’re right.

                        Although, funnily enough, my son’s Cub Scout pack has all their stuff on Slack. It’s kinda interesting.

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                      I’m not in any way supportive of anything Facebook does but these kind of articles are usually from people who already don’t really have a use for the platform.

                      If you live in US or in major European city, there are lots of popular alternatives for anything Facebook offers.

                      Try to live in Africa or Middle East or Asia (except for China) and you’ll find that Facebook is still a must for anything social: online connections, events and business directory.

                      So these articles are the social media version of “why you should walk to work”: perfect for a very specific audience which is also an extremely fortunate niche, compared to the rest of the world.

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                        Kind of off-topic, yet kind of not. Facebook’s utility for me was in connecting with so many friends I had lost touch with over the years. Facebook’s disutility was the advertising and the social distortion it produces which is not unique to it, but is also present on instagram, twitter etc. There is a pressure to create a fake version of yourself and your glamorous life which is stressful for all involved and leads to depression and a kind of opioid like addiction for likes and follows and retweets and so on.

                        So, for all you entrepreneurial types out there, you know what I would pay, say, a few bucks a year? A simple searchable BBS service where you can put in posts like “Calling everyone who went to St. Thomas school in Kenya in 1965 and studied under Mrs. Capote. This is Billy and I’d like to get in touch”. And there would be masked communications where you could speak with the other person without actual contact information being involved, and then when trust is established, move everything to email and email lists. In fact ideally this would be a service that came with the email service - a personals column that was indexed by web crawlers.

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                          A good history of Facebook’s progressive invasions of user privacy

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                            I really enjoyed Jaron Lanier‘s Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, and I think it’s a good way to get the point across to people who “aren’t really into IT, let alone privacy or security”

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                              Thanks for the recommendation. Just bought the audio book.

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                                Seems like you double posted this comment: https://lobste.rs/s/678oi3/why_you_shouldn_t_use_facebook#c_3nwbxj

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                                  Thanks, removed!

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                                When I used Facebook, it was an excellent way for an introvert like me to expand my social circles somewhat. I appreciate them for doing that, and I would actually be fine if the cost would be just mining me for data.

                                But Facebook enables and allows the actions of Russia-based digital terrorism, which is totally unforgivable.

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                                  Would it be forgivable if it was based outside of Russia?

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                                    Why do you ask?