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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    Built a desktop machine (Ryzen 5600) and installed OpenBSD on it because FreeBSD wasn’t supporting my wireless and ethernet cards. Did a quick online search to find out that OpenBSD supports the ethernet card. Was pleasantly surprised to find out that it does support my wireless card too without any extra hassle.

    Now, I need to set up cwm so that it is closer in behaviour to a tiling window manager, and install rakubrew so that I can build Raku versions easily.

    After that’s done, I’ll need to restore some data from a backup. What I am most interested in is to copy over my ~/.ssb folder so that I can get back on the Scuttleverse after a break of a few months.

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      Welcome to the fun! Don’t overlook afterboot(8) or that your existing preferred wm might be there in packages (though cwm is great too).

      My own workstation is the only system not on OpenBSD (some current projects require my nvidia GPU), but always interested to read postmortems from new switchers on recent hardware.

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        Hey thanks for the link! Checking it out.

        I hope to write something after a few weeks of using this as my daily driver.

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      Planning for the arrival of kid number 4. Trying to buy a house in sardinia (IT). I’ve a new colo box that i’ve not touched, maybe I get to finally build some apache-pulsar - apache druid connector.

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        I’ve been wanting to learn Rust forever so finally going to start. My plan was to go through the books on their site (probably Rust by Example), and then find some projects to apply it to. I’d certainly welcome advice from anyone who has done something similar.

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          Do Rustling project. And once you are done with that, contribute to it by opening a PR. I found you learn a lot by contributing to others code.

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            That’s how I got started, as well. I also read from Programming Rust.

            But my biggest success, the one that made the borrow and reference system finally click for me, was using Rust for a 30-day game jam project. The extended time frame, as opposed to the usual 24-72 hour window for most game jams, made a huge difference in terms of learning since it reduced my “code code code” tunnel vision. I also prototyped the game in Ruby, one of my strongest languages, and then used bridges like Rutie to convert the project to Rust class-by-class. Having a working code base to start from made everything less less intimidating.

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            I’m going on a nice long bike ride to the coast and back. I’ll probably also bake some bread.

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              Work on making a video game, celebrate another journey around the sun.

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                Congrats on making it, it’s been a rough time round this one :)

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                I’m going to do my third coding stream in as many days! My username is the same as my lobsters username on Twitch.

                It’s been a really fun experience so far. So far I’ve built Conway’s Game of Life and some encryption ciphers — mostly small things with Python that I can complete in ~an hour

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                  I’m writing an RPG with a Noir feel. I’ve got a few pages of the rules down so far and I’m really happy with how it’s going. Will be spending more time on this!

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                    Playing around with SVG and OpenSCAD part generation.

                    Had some ideas about individualized, sealed, clear, and trackable-at-a-glance storage for magnets and end mills that I’m playing around with. Could probably be expanded to larger items, but prototyping small to be able to iterate quickly.

                    The ultimate goal being that I want to be able to search for something on the command line to know if I have something, or know incredibly quickly what parts I should buy/replace. I’m very much a “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” kind of person, so most other storage tends to not work for what I want.

                    This initially started when I found out about partsbox, but figured I could do something similar with larger hardware.

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                      I’m reading the book Designing Data-Intensive Applications and tutoring a friend about how to set up and use the LAMP stack on Ubuntu in a VirtualBox VM.

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                        I’m determined to get one of the 3 draft blog posts I have 90% written out the door!

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                          I’m dreaming up a markdown-like document format optimized for quick notes, with no line prefixes and avoiding the Shift key whenever possible. Also planning what to grow this year (oyster mushrooms and bulb fennel being priorities).

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                            I have some neat programming projects that need attention. Focused on task/knowledge management and productivity for individuals. One is a modern cloud-based TagTime clone, the other is like if Workflowy and Trello got smashed together with IFTTT.

                            I might also try building an envelope budgeting interface on top of LunchMoney.

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                              $newJob start date got pushed 2 weeks while my background check clears, but I have the work ’top. Time to rice that sucker (first time macOS user)

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                                Just bought SSD which I want to put into my librebooted X200, it will be my 3rd attempt to install OpenBSD on this machine, but i guess libreboot doesn’t like it.

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                                  I am going to experiment with setting up antidot, as my home directory is getting out of hand.

                                  I might send a pr to some projects to obey the xdg base for specs too.

                                  Also going ice skating more. I need to learn how to stop properly.

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                                    Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Ludwig Göransson videos where he talks about his composing process, and I want to try making some movie soundtrack too. One side effect of buying a good mic (for podcasts) is that I can try recording my voice and other instruments I have lying around, like a kalimba I got as a gift last year.

                                    But I’ll most probably be too lazy to set it up.

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                                      • De-stickering my old work laptop to send back (got a new x1 carbon, its great!), not going to be fun!
                                      • Tomorrow is the cheat day for the diet, so I’m very excited to try out the new local brewery’s beer they just came out with.
                                      • Probably going to play with writing a simple kafka consumer in Go, since we’re going towards that way for work and I’m actually going to get to use something other than Ruby.
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                                        More plumbing probably. Maybe moving a water filter if I get enough prep done first.

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                                          Looking forward trying Echo more. I’m still building/rebuilding a small utility to connect Spotify and Slack status.

                                          Also looking forward to stroller and car seat shopping!

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                                            Experimenting with a Patreon page for www.gnod.com

                                            I don’t really expect it to be a viable financial model. But who knows? Wikipedia seems to strive on donations after all. This would surely be the model that allows the most freedom and to build the coolest stuff. And when Gnod provides more services over time, I would like have some data on how much can be donation driven, how much (if any) should be ad driven and how much (if any) should be paid services.

                                            Anybody here who tried to make donations the financial basis for a website?

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                                              Got an Oculus Quest 2 a week ago. Fantastic experience (and great way to get fit). I’m messing a bit with Unity as I have a crazy idea for what a RDBMS UI could look like in VR and wondering how hard it’d be to get to basic version of it.

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                                                I’m a bit late to the show, but I baked bacon today. I’m not making it in the stovetop again. 400 degrees for 13 minutes in a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Pretty great.

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                                                  Reading “Programming” by Stroustrup. I initially dismissed it a long time ago because I already knew C++. Apparently it’s not so much about the language as it is about programming in general.

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                                                    I enjoyed the “general programming” parts of this book much more than the actual C++ parts. I think people who criticize C++ without having read this book miss a lot of the constraints that went into its design.