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      Hard to disagree here. But for those of us that work on web apps, how do you make network requests more lean? Web apps are tremendously IO bound.

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        I’d say that, having gotten to the stage of web apps — which involves the equivalent of a modern operating system* running as an application on another modern operating system (*or a hypervisor if you think about tab isolation!) — there is probably not a very straightforward way to read this advice.

        But you can still think about each part by itself — frontend, backend, the API that connects them, storage, etc. — and think about what the most orthogonal/expressive-power-having decomposition of concepts is, constantly rally for reducing complexity over time (since it will creep up on its own, always), have a goal of polished code/design and not just something that works, etc. None of this changes that a webapp will be I/O bound in many respects, but that doesn’t detract from the worth of the effort in any way.

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        do fewer of them with less payload.

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