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Still waiting on that oops tag. :)


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    All web frameworks are beautiful. #AWFAB

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      This is interesting to me. If the Angular team was changing so much stuff at the end, it either means they thought the framework wasn’t quite good enough, or their target kept moving and they were just trying to catch up. Honestly, that’s a little concerning to me. I’ll probably end up waiting another six months, until things stabilize, before I consider Angular 2 as an option. (There’s no way I’m going to waste tons of hours fighting with a framework only to discover only a few months later that all the work I’ve done is obsolete.)

      That said, I’d be curious to see what kinds of solutions the team landed on and how those solutions compare to other frameworks. Where does it fit in the JS framework landscape?

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        Apparently Angular has arrived here via a wormhole from another dimension, and the words “release candidate” do not have the expected meaning. Instead they mean “this is a thing which we have just now today released, but has no particular relation to any future ‘release’”.