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    This is an incredibly well produced and well thought out video. In case anyone is interested, late in the video, it’s mentioned that 4:54.265 is the fastest tool assisted time for the game vs 4:54.948 which is the record setting time for a complete play-through by a human.

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      What’s interesting is that, even if the TAS is allowed to cheat by holding left and right simultaneously (something not possible on a real controller), it still is 4:54.something, meaning that it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a 4:53 in SMB1 (unless something truly crazy happens a la the credit warp in SMW, which a human can do in like 30 seconds but it’s incredibly difficult).

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      From my understanding, these kind of speed runs are done without loading/saving states. So they have to play in one go from the start without doing an error while doing some pixel-perfect moves. This seems impossible to me!

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        It helps that the overall time is so short. You wouldn’t go for risky pixel-perfect tricks near the end of a 1h speedrun. But in SMB1 you can just reset and get back in literally a couple of minutes.

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          Right. If they use savestates it would be considered a segmented run or, depending on what else they did, a tool-assisted speedrun.

          This run is full of pixel- and frame-perfect moves. It’s incredible. As the video suggests, this might be the best a human can possibly do on SMB1. Even the best TAS is only like 0.6 seconds better and it does stuff that requires things like extreme subpixel manipulation and single-pixel accuracy in 4-2.

          Unless there’s some major breakthrough that we just can’t imagine right now, 4:54 is the last second barrier.

          In other words, it’s quite the accomplishment.

          (If you’re interested in this sort of thing, do check out the other videos on that channel. Bismuth does good stuff.)

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            They do it over and over until some combination of practice and sheer luck means that they hit every critical move correctly.