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    I’d suggest Hypothesis for all things fuzzing and corpus generation in Python. Last I checked hypothesis does not explicitly do mutation, but I think it’ll get closer to what you want than any other tools I’ve seen in the Python world.

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      Is there some type of website that allows for creating “tools that I want” proposals along with upvoting to get feedback from a community?

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        The following websites allow posting and voting on software ideas:

        • Reddit /r/SomebodyMakeThis — has about 30,000 subscribers. Not only for software ideas, but a lot of posted ideas are for software.
        • Halfbakery — Focuses on silly ideas, but has some serious ones too. Mostly non-software ideas.
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          Would you say that’s a tool that you want?

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          I worked on a project comparing and manipulating graphs for many months. A tool for diffing graphviz/dot files would have been really helpful. Even better would be if I could save a series of changes to the graph and visualize each of the subsequent diffs. This would also require a stable layout to some degree or the ability to animate between layouts (otherwise just producing many graphs and visually comparing them is alright)

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            i might work on the ast diff tool at some point, as part of my longer term goal to build better diagnostic tools for pytype

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              The universal hooks thing is sometime I’ve been thinking about myself lately. I appreciate the power that advice in Emacs Lisp and would love that same power in my shell.

              I haven’t started implementing anything yet, because each time I come up with a design, the shortcomings are very quickly obvious.