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    Every time I read posts like this I’m a little jealous because I can’t remember when I was last so free of the need for certain tools that kinda boxed me into my choice of OS (Linux in this case, Mac would’ve been ok too).

    Mind you, I’m not complaining, I’ve used Debian from ~2011 to 2017 and Ubuntu since then (could probably go back to Debian or some of the other Distros but right now it’s not worth fighting corporate IT over it) and some stuff before that, but I am either so very much tied to a Windows VM (Skype for Business, looking at you) or VirtualBox (former job, everything was done via Vagrant + VirtualBox, I was the only Linux user, so redoing everything with lxc was not worth the hassle for a little benefit, and so on.

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      Hardest trade-off with OpenBSD for me was not having Bluetooth and choppy/laggy scrolling on 4k display

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        Can’t coment on the screen as I don’t have one to test, but not having Bluetooth is a minor pain… until recently that is! :^D https://twitter.com/jcs/status/1111806329717432325 Whilst it isn’t perfect (USB dongle), now I can use my headset, at least. Being able to use a BT mouse and/or keyboard would be nice, though :^)

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        I should have stuck to plain FreeBSD of course, so I installed that. Several times. And then I stopped. I gave up having basically bricked the X1 in terms of not being able to give it to somebody who wants a Windows laptop.

        Pity he does not mention what was the problem with FreeBSD. What was the purpose of installing FreeBSD several times?

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          iTerm2 should be easy to replace? There are millions of open-source terminal emulators out there.

          I just migrated from Enpass to Pass, on MacOS. Much happier. Should work on BSD about exactly the same, although I’ve been burned by Pass a bit when gpg versions mismatched. It would be a much nicer piece of software if it bundled that part instead of using /usr/bin/gpg et al…

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            iTerm2 is very polished, more so than most *nix terminal emulators. Yes, there are many, but most are basic reiterations of the same thing, using the same emulation library. Konsole and GNOME Terminal are good, but they have lots of dependencies if you don’t already use KDE or Gnome.

            I’d say Tilix is a good one, that supports iTerm2-like tiling and also looks very good, but there’s no OpenBSD package for it.

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              I just migrated from Enpass to Pass, on MacOS.

              I’m considering the same move (work has settled on 1password, I’m getting a bit annoyed with the Enpass Qt app on Mac and its habit of losing input focus). How did you manage the migration? I took a quick look at the Enpass JSON export format and it seemed workable for writing a migration script. My one concern is TOTP tokens; how are you handling those on MacOS?

              I’ve seen an issue where apparently there are two formats for TOTP tokens?



              totp: 0123456789
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                I used a dev version of this https://github.com/roddhjav/pass-import – needed the dev version at the time because I had already upgraded to enpass6 and that wasn’t supported by the release version yet. Dunno if that’s still true.

                I didn’t use TOTP with enpass, so I don’t know about your other question.

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                  Aha! That’s one less script I have to write :-) thanks, I’d somehow managed not to find that yet.