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A number of stories both on HN and here are about how to teach and learn, and on education in general. Many of these seem to be tagged with a combination of philosophy, culture, compsci, and practices, but none of those tags are particularly accurate. Could we add a tag called education to use with these stories?


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    I’d agree with it for teaching, and have thought something similar myself.

    The problem is that a lot of the “How to learn <X>” stories tend to be kinda vapid, and it’s a magnet for blogspam or service/product advertising.

    Perhaps if we had a tutorial or howto tag instead, that emphasized “reading this article will teach you how to do a concrete thing”?

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      Good point. Maybe two tags are appropriate: one for articles genuinely related to education, and one for “learn X” that also comes with a hotness penalty?

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        I rather like this. I don’t want legit pedagogy/education lumped in with the junk.

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          That sounds like a good proposal to me!

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            I added one for education. I’m not sure about the tutorial one though…

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              I assume the new tag is for discussing education rather than for tutorials/howtos? If so, perhaps the description should be tweaked to make this clearer?

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              It seems like there’s some consensus around this. What’s the protocol for getting a new tag added? Should we ping @jcs or something?