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    I really love this talk. Leveraging userland exploits and GPU to gain full kernel access and finally total control of the system within moments from boot.

    And all on a common piece of consumer electronics with over 60 million units shipped. Makes you wonder how much other hardware/software is capable of being so completely compromised.

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      Only tangentially related, but I’ve been getting into homebrew on DS recently. It’s probably the nicest piece of portable hardware that is easy to deploy on. All you need is a flashcart (that you can find basically elsewhere).

      If you have a DS lying around, there’s actually a half-decent DS Programming tutorial here.

      I’m always a bit sad that there isn’t a good GBA-like that you can buy and easily write software for. GBA itself, flashcarts are hard to find (or worse, illegal). The closest I’ve found is the GCW Zero, but it’s basically sold out.

      All I want is a fun-to-program portable system with a good D-pad! I have my DS, luckily, but I would love a GBA micro with a USB cable.

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        What about the OpenPandora and it’s upcoming successor the Pyra?

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          It’s a different kind of machine. The Pandora and Pyra are full-blown Linux boxes, but the DS is last of the limited consoles, closer to embedded systems. (The DS manages to fit a lot of interesting hardware, despite its limits!)