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      Disclosure timeline:

      • 13th September 2019: We submitted the issue to product-security@apple.com
      • 18th September 2019: Apple asked us the resend the screen shots
      • 10th October 2019: Apple told us that they were planning to address this issue in a future update
      • 30th October 2019: Apple released version 12.10.2 of iTunes but did not fix the issue
      • We asked several times about this case but no answer from Apple
      • 9th December 2019: We informed Apple that we would release a public post about this issue on 12th of December (90 days since the initial submission)
      • 11th December 2019: Apple released version 12.10.3 of iTunes but did not fix the issue
      • 12th December 2019: still no answer, post has been published

      Is this normal?

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        Unfortunately it feels like it’s getting more common.