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    This won’t come as a surprise to anyone working in enterprise software. There is an absolutely enormous cottage industry of consultancies selling these “blockchain” solutions to large companies when all they needed was a simple database. It’s metastasised so much that we’re seeing these second order solutions just trying to solve the original prviacy problems induced by the first order solutions. This is really the last ditch effort of IBM trying to maintain some semblance of relevance in the modern software era by creating completely unmaintainable back office software which is a loss leader for their Bluemix Cloud solution and which they can parasite off of for consulting the next decade.

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      I was actually surprised not to see IBM’s name on this one.

      yeah, I fully expect there will be systems that sort of work better than not existing at all, with a gratuitous Hyperledger or private Ethereum somewhere in there that doesn’t actually do anything, and people like me will maintain these awful things for decades longer than is in any way reasonable. I think the ASX Blockchain project will end up one of these, for example.

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        Microsoft and Ernst & Young are just playing the same game on top of this bizarre Ethereum thing they built to sell Azure products. It’s the same cargo-cultism masquerading as innovation to produce press releases. It’s all just pumped up by the public blockchain press because “any blockchain success makes number go up” and so the cycle of suffering continues for the poor programmers left to maintain this mess.