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    I was initially turned off by the jargon “page-oriented” but after checking it out, I kind of love the ethos.

    • All the ease/simplicity of an old-school web app which was nothing more than a single index.php
    • Speed and stdlib of Go
    • Produces a single executable which automatically includes your static assets
    • Hot reload builtin
    • Caret to embed go code, while it threw for a moment, is actually a nice solution: no special template syntax to learn, just a single one character convention

    I love how simple ergonomics have been prioritized above all else.

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      The slogan should be 2004 PHP but with Go’s standard library. :-)

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        I love the hot reload aspect coupled with old-style dev - that really is a selling point. Coming from using vibed (which may or may not have this) I would love something like this whilst maintaining my native executables.