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    Nice! Just missing some ANSI VU meters and you’re all set ;)

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      Will consider it if I end up hacking on this more!

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      Upvoted because even though I don’t subscribe to DI this looks like the kind of thing I would create.

      I have a handful of audio streams that I like to cycle through while I’m working. Currently I have a script that calls nvlc but nvlc does not handle playlists anywhere near gracefully. I’ve been meaning to write something like this to help me deal with it but never got around to it.

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        Thanks! Under the hood, this is just a playlist streamer if you want to rip it apart and repurpose it :)

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        Why? DiI.FM let’s you just download a PLS/M3U playlist which you can just play as set od streams in regular media player, like CMUS.

        How’s that different?

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          I spend a lot of time in the terminal and prefer not to leave it. I’m aware there are command line utilities capable of streaming di.fm streams from the command line, but they don’t have favorites and all stations as first-class concepts. They also require you to keep pls/m3u files around on your local machine if you want to try replicating those concepts with a directory structure. I prefer not to do that.

          But most importantly, because I had some hours to spair and I wanted it :)

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            I think the shell tool which logs into the DI API and returns the playlist from favorites or specific criteria on stdout or to file would be a better idea. And then you still will be able to interact with DI directly and not reinvent the wheel using proven and tested media players.