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More pictures, discussion with creator


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    Interesting - I could see that being a pretty handy addition. I recently started using AwesomeWM again (4.0), and the API seems like it would lend itself quite nicely to doing something similar (though, I would probably use the mouse scroll.. cuz ain’t no one gonna take my ergodox away!)

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      Man, ergodox looks nice but I wish it was shaped a bit more like the Kinesis Advantage bowls. I basically just want the Kinesis Advantage with the Ergodox split.

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        You want the Dactyl then. =)

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          Why yes I do …. mops up drool.

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            … or a keyboardio

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              The Keyboardio Model 01 is not bowl shaped. While the keycaps do cup your fingers nicely, that’s not the same as a concave design. Mind you, I did not type enough on a concave keyboard to properly compare them to the Model01.

              Nevertheless, seconded, the Model 01 is going to be an incredible keyboard. Can’t wait to have mine ;)

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        Seems pretty neat. I liked that it raced back and forth in the default mode, though I imagine it becoming a bit irritating once the novelty wore off. Not sure. (Of course I am sure that can be turned off).

        Aside: It will be interesting to see reactions to this, given that Apple’s “touch bar” has been so strongly pooh-poohed by the HN crowd.

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          This is more appealing to me than the Macbook touch bar (even though I find neither particularly compelling). It’s attached to the keyboard and not the screen, meaning I can actually use it when I’m using an external display. I also don’t need take my eyes away from the display to use a slider.

          It’s a neat idea and the execution looks really solid. I don’t need one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a niche market for this.

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          Cool hack. Reminds me of USB rotary knobs, like the PowerMate. Rotary knob seems far simpler and less prone to mechanical failures. They alos seem to be on Aliexpress and the like. Nice thing could be to have such a rotary knob on a mouse.

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            That rotary knob reminds me of the scroll wheel on the Kensington Orbit