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    A nice article - even though obviously quite heavy advertising Amazon’s services to offer. This part caught my attention though:

    In fact, we anticipate that there will soon be a whole generation of developers who have never touched a server and only write business logic. The reason is simple. Whether you’re building net new applications or migrating legacy, using serverless primitives for compute, data, and integration enables you to benefit from the most agility that the cloud has to offer.

    While this is definitely the direction things are going, I do hope the next generation of developers will take the time to understand what goes on under the hood, how servers are provisioned and do spin up their own instance/databases on side projects, to learn about them. Just like if you’re a React developer, knowing what goes under the hood at the JS/DOM level is something that makes you a better engineer, knowing what happens at the infra level is equally interesting, even if it works well enough.

    Also, if your service becomes large enough, you do want to be able to compare the cost and tradeoffs of using something like Lambda versus dedicated hardware, provisioned virtual machines or another cloud provider.

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      True. Maybe, this is my opinion, he’s referring to future developers who might not be graduated in CS or engineers; people that have learned any language with easy syntax and have learned enough to program just business logic.