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    I’ve heard various reports that this project is going to collaborate with Rocky Linux, from the original CentOS creator. This announcement doesn’t mention that but I hope that’s still happening.

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      Unrelated to the news, but LWN content is nearly impossible to read on a phone…very annoying

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        I think is mostly because it’s an email. Otherwise, that’s usually OK (not great).

        I wonder if they would accept help to fix that.

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          I think it’d be hard trying to intelligently format a 72-column fixed plain text email into something that isn’t a VT100. It’d probably be easier if it was rich text (or at least designed to reflow) in the first place.

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          I’m using wallabag to bookmark the content and read on my phone, usually much later. I also think that lwm works ok with Firefox readability view.

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            Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try although I’m using Firefox less frequently these days

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            Not sure which phone you have but mine is able to display the original article just fine in horizontal mode. Or in either orientation with Firefox reader view.

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              You can always switch to the desktop version.

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              I wonder how this one’ll go