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    This is great for a couple of reasons

    I’ve long been a fan of @yminsky and the smart stuff going at Jane Street, as the stuff they share is smart and helps solve hard problems. I just recently discovered the podcast and am looking forward to going through the backlog.

    But more importantly, to find that it has a high quality transcript with linkable timestamps - this is phenomenal! It helps that you have smart people talking clearly (so it doesn’t read awkwardly either), but I hope more podcasts will do something like this.

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      Very good article!

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        I have a Time Machines TM1000A. This is not a cheap device, but it’s solid GPS-backed NTP that “just works.” It suffices as an NTP server by itself but I have a stratum 2 internal server that aggregates its clock and a couple external ones for sanity, and this is the one that the other machines here talk to.