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    Suggest tag: notc meta

The title says it all. I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with all the stories tagged as C that have between little and nothing to do with C, and which definitely are not about C.


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    What about just adding C++ and Objective-C tags? I think notC is too broad as it encompasses literally everything except for C.

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      That’d be fine, but do you also add a tag for Objective C then? Or keep them under C? Not that it’s so pressing, as these stories aren’t particularly common. Although I’d like to see them have their own tag too.

      I also hesitated to suggest that because it’d be the first tag to have other than alphabetic characters. Scary. You never know what or who breaks.

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        Could use cpp instead.

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          The C preprocessor will feel violated, use cxx.

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            Where does the distinction for that get drawn though? Lots of languages could be argued to be inside of “cfamily”

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        I don’t like the sound of it.