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    It reminds me old times of Internet Explorer and magic toolbars :) Especially when Atom is based on web browser. Are we back in time?

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      This is what happens when people don’t want to pay for software. It’s much clearer, fairer, and transparent when you ask for money in exchange for a license.

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        Yeah, because proprietary software never spies on you. It’s much clearer, fairer, and transparent when you ask for money in exchange for services, not software.

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          Proprietary and paid are different categories (although I’m sure the overlap is significant). I’ve also never said that proprietary software doesn’t spy on you.

          My point: if you write software as part of a business then you expect to have a ROI. You can ask for money from people who directly benefit from the software (i.e. users). Or you can give the software for “free” and look for roundabout ways of earning a profit. I’m also curious what percentage of proprietary software that’s spying on its users is “free”.

          @comzeradd, I noticed you’re wearing the Mozilla Engineer hat. What do you think about the way the Mozilla Foundation is financed? (This is a genuine question, not criticism) The bulk of money comes from Google for making it the default search engine.

          Someone marked my comment as trolling (sic!).

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            Yes, because he wasn’t wearing that hat when he posted. We don’t normally call people out on their hats unless they’re wearing them.

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              I apologize if I that looked mean. That wasn’t my intent at all. I’m simply curious what @comzeradd thinks about that as an insider.

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              My “sarcasm”‘s point was to emphasize that it sounds harsh and unfair to pick one business model (selling license) as being more fair or more transparent. If this is what you want to do, that’s totally fine. But there are many developers or orgs out there that have found other ways of funding.

              Re: Mozilla. The bulk amount of money doesn’t come from Google at this point, but indeed it comes from search engine deals. It’s not the only source of income, but it is the biggest one. My personal take on this is the same as it is for most open source non-profits out there. it’s transparent (eg. public annual fiscal reports) and its goal is to serve the mission and not make people rich (eg. non-profit status).

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                Free software/culture has yet to find it’s model the best example is wikipedia but it relies mainly on gratis labor for it’s main part.

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                  Or Redhat

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                if you write software as part of a business then you expect to have a ROI

                For something like a text editor, the ROI is usually “this improvement will allow me to get my work done more effectively”, and that has sufficed perfectly well for decades.

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                There’s nothing wrong with charging for software. Not everything fits the service model. And not all services have users’ best interests at heart.

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                if a single example is going to be extrapolated to a generic observation, I’ll bring up that I’ve been using vi / vim and a whole pile of plugins for free for a decade or two and have never seen an ad and it all seems quite clear, fair, and transparent.

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                Does anyone here actually use Atom? Performance has always been a problem, but after this, there’s no reason to use it.

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                  Apparently that minimap plugin is a part of atom by default? If so then wow, that is bad.

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                    According to latest comments, it’s not part of atom by default. I hope this won’t give an idea to other plugin maintainers, thanks for sharing this, that’s good to know.

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                      Oh, well that’s good then.

                      If I was using Atom and minimap, I’d definitely switch to minimap-plus. I share your concern about this giving ideas to other plugin maintainers - hopefully the backlash has the opposite effect.