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      Sometimes I use Manjaro in a virtual machine and I get what I will call the “Zsh popup” every time.

      Its made worse by the fact that too many options are presented - and that they could be presented in better order. I just don’t get who the target is for this stuff. If you are using Linux you likely know how “~/.profile” or similar works, and you likely have your own already.

      It would be better to present no menu at all - or hide it behind “/bin/zsh-config” or similar. If they insist on doing this then the first menu option should be “go away and don’t ever bother me again” or something to that effect. To me it just screams “I’m Zsh and I’m better than Bash and this menu is the first of many reason why”.

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        I don’t think ZSH or Bash are better than the other… they just have different strengths. Bash is useful out of the box - most distros include bash completions for important commands and have a distro specific prompt. ZSH is useful because it’s so configurable, hence the zsh-newuser-install box.

        I agree that the “ZSH popup” you mention is confusing - that’s one of the main reasons I wrote this package. I want it to be easy to get ZSH to a consistently useful state without having to know all the magic incantations.

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      My minimal config (for throwaway setups): http://leahneukirchen.org/dotfiles/.zshrc.minimal

      My setup for first time zsh users: http://leahneukirchen.org/dotfiles/.zshrc.sensible

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        Nice! I like your sensible config - it’s got a lot of the same small, unopinionated tweaks I went for in zsh-utils that just improve the experience without taking anything away.

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      Hi everyone! I’m the author of this project and finally got around to writing up a short intro and my thoughts on the matter, so I’m considering this an initial release. I’d be happy to answer any questions about zsh-utils you have.