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I’m interested in learning Rust, but haven’t found much in terms of resources for learning the language besides the Rust book, which seems to be more of a reference than a pedagogical exercise.

I’ve found http://cis198-2016s.github.io/, which seems like a good class. Are there any other resources people know about?


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    Rust by Example is pretty useful http://rustbyexample.com/.

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      The one thing to be aware of with Rust by Example is that it isn’t maintained like the Rust book and Rustonomicon are. It receives only minimal attention. This is not to say that it’s bad, just that The Rust Programming Language and the Rustonomicon are better options for up-to-date explanations of the language.

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        It is maintained in the sense that there are people looking at PRs. We are always searching for people helping out with it.

        Edit: Filed an issue: https://github.com/rust-community/team/issues/34

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      Nycatelos in the lobste.rs chat on freenode suggests https://github.com/carols10cents/rustlings, which also looks useful.

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        I too am currently learning rust, the rust book is pretty good also there is a person who is also learning rust and does live screencasts of him writing rust code and learning, and the viewers send pull requests live too.

        Here is his livecoding page and github (https://github.com/tsoding)

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          I recently put together a small blog post that links to different resources for learning and discussing Rust: http://www.suspectsemantics.com/blog/2016/05/25/joining-the-rust-community/

          In my experience, the Rust IRC channels are the best place to ask questions to get a quick response.