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    One of the sad things in life is graphics used to be so so easy… you literally could do a graphics “Hello World” in two lines (set mode, draw line)….

    Yes, yes, you can do so so much more these days… but the barrier to entry (things to understand, lines of code to hello world, things to install….) is now so so much higher.

    I remember in the Good Old Bad Old Days doing a fun sim….

    Imagine a box (2D), top & bottom insulating, left and right walls conducting at a high potential difference.

    Now imagine small light (eg. expanded polystyrene / graphite coated) conducting balls in the box.

    Simulate them bouncing around.

    Have fun tweaking the parameters (voltage, mass, add in gravity….)

    The biggest gotcha was unless you were careful, even if you weren’t putting energy into the system, a bad equation solver could effective show up numerical errors as increasing the energy making it “hotter”.

    Physics animations are fun to play with.