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    @nyergler is publishing his notes (github) as well.

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      I like what he is saying here, but I’d like to actually see the talk. I hope they have a video come up.

      Seems that Gary is pointing out that our industry has pointed its self in a certain direction and is charging full steam a head. Building on abstractions we don’t really fully understand, and then building on top of those. I think he’s arguing that while yes we can do so much more with our machines and code, we really haven’t taken the time to revaluate where we are going and if its really working.

      I think its a valuable discussion that our young industry needs to have.

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        isn’t the whole point of abstractions to be able to build on them without having to understand the full implementation?

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          Yes it is, but how many of those abstractions are bad? It’s like building on a swamp and hoping it doesn’t eventually sink.

          His argument is that just because someone abstracted this is away once doesn’t mean we should all stop finding better ways.