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    So, what’s the way out of this situation we find ourselves in? Is there really no way we can have any privacy anymore?

    Its incredibly sad to see services we love – lavabit, groklaw – shut down this way.

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      “If you choose to live in fear, you’re letting the terrorists win” or something like that?

      What do you get when the headline of a newspaper is about a suicide? More suicides. What do you get when the front page of every tech news site is dominated by stories about sites shutting down? Chilling effects, indeed.

      If hysterical overreaction isn’t the appropriate response to terrorism, it doesn’t seem the appropriate response to government abuse either.

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        We need to change the political system, however, I’m not sure the best course of action or what should be changed.

        What we all can do, as engineers, is devise a better protocol than XMPP / SMTP that is encrypted and secure by default.