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      Hardware support

      Accelerated graphics: No; Audio: Audio works as expected though there is a known bug [causing it to] stop working after a period of time; Cameras: No; Hibernation: Maybe; Suspend/Resume: No; Wireless: No

      In short, this laptop seems deeply incompatible with OpenBSD. :)

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        I wrote the review (and this comment) form it. Seems pretty compatible to me. :)

        I concede that things are 100%, but they never are right out of the gate. Especially with newer hardware.

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          Nice! What about its battery life?

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            Battery life is not great. I ran for just over two hours with full use (compiling various things, lots of network activity, streaming music videos on youtube). I fully expect it to be much better once things are properly supported.

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              Thank you.

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              Which battery option did you get?

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          an xorg.conf with:

          Section "Device"
             	Identifier "Device0"
          	Driver "intel"

          might fix your video output as per this bug report.

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      What no pictures!

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        I’ll add some shortly :D

        Edit: Added some pictures!

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          I like the the built-in camera cover, very nice feature (and laptop.)

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      Just as of yesterday I became aware of the existence of these machines, I’m really interested on them but don’t know if they compare properly with their T48X counterparts, notebookcheck made a review stating CPU performance isn’t on par; though that’s something I could live with. I’m mainly interested on running OpenBSD on one drive and Windows on a secondary physical storage device, probably SSD, but I’m having a hard time finding information on the Lenovo website if such thing is even possible (having a second slot for a second drive).

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        So, I have the NVMe pcie drive in mine. There is an empty m.2 slot I tried connecting an extra ssd to. Unfortunately it didn’t show up (in bios or otherwise). I haven’t put the m.2 drive into another machine to make sure it isn’t to blame.. I will try it later and see :D.

        As far as build quality (as compared to the X and T series), this machine is right up there! Feels solid.

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          Thank you @qbit, those are great news. The A485 for sure is going to be my next machine.

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      Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265

      OpenBSD supports Intel AC now? It’s been a while, but last time I checked out networking stacks on both FreeBSD and OpenBSD, neither supported any AC adapters.

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        It supports it, just not in AC mode.