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      Congrats to the DragonFly devs! Looks like a pretty big release.

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      Interesting to see the project brag about the integration of GCC 5 in such a manner.

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        In DragonFly not that much attention is paid to licensing and GPL avoidance as in the other BSDs.

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          Just curious, do you know why the newer GCC was chosen over Clang? Familiarity? Performance?

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            DragonFly has always had 2 compilers in the base system - before GCC5, it was GCC 4.4 and GCC 4.7. With this change, it’s 4.7 and 5.0. The next change will probably be GCC 5 and clang (i.e. GCC 4.7 out, clang in) . So, it wasn’t that GCC was chosen over clang, it’s more just “not yet”. Compiler work ain’t easy.

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        In what sense do you mean that? I don’t know anything about GCC 5.

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          Most BSDs have moved to LLVM or retained GCC 4.2.1 over GPLv3 licensing. Nothing wrong with the compiler on a technical level, that I know of.

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      Posting from a fresh install of DragonflyBSD on an x230. I wanted to try doing this last night but messed a bunch of stuff up, so this is perfect timing.

      I think I’ve got everything working. Wifi was fairly painful and I had to disable use -ht with wpa_supplicant to disable N mode to get it to work. Sound works, but i have to do some weird sysctl.snd.default_unit=[0,1] to choose between playing music through my laptop speakers vs headphones. Volume buttons don’t work.

      Other than those two things, everything seems good. Trackpoint/touchpad/brightness controls all work. Everything feels snappy. GHC at 7.8.3 instead if 7.8.4 is disappointing since Stack wants 7.8.4, hopefully freebsd updates that soon.

      I’ll probably put up a blog post with detail later.