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    Docker for Mac is indeed a game-changer. I was using dlite before, and while it was fine, having this integration directly in Docker is great. I dual-boot Ubuntu and OS X, and using Docker for Mac has brought a similar experience to docker on Linux. Really excited for its development!

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      Would you say it’s a game changer because you can run docker stuff on localhost, or because you have servers that are running osx?

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        Docker for mac doesnt actually run docker on a mac, as far as i can tell. Not sure what the point is - if you’re writing linux software why not run linux?

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          It’s substantially more convenient than previous workflows for local development of Docker containers.

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            More convenient than just using a normal Linux box?

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              That… depends on personal preference? I am not in the habit of telling other people what OS to use, any more than I am in the habit of suggesting underwear brands to them. I don’t mean that you were doing that, but … The OS that one’s server-side components run on has pretty much nothing to do with the OS that one personally enjoys working directly on.

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                Absolutely. I code on the go a lot. My development machine needs to be a rock solid laptop with great power management, hibernation, and 10+ hours of battery life. I’m beyond done trying to fight with Linux and Lenovos of varying quality when OS X delivers out of the box. Life’s too short.

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                  normal Linux box

                  I think that’s where the trouble lies.

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                    What does convenient mean here, and what is a normal linux box?

                    I’ve used linux since 1997 and the slackware days, I still prefer OS X for a workstation. To be honest I’d rather be running a bsd box over linux at this point.