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    Damn. That “reveal” slider thing is just amazing. I mean, it kinda shouldn’t feel that surprising, there was the 3D view in Firefox devtools some years ago and whatnot, but something about that particular simple demo just felt mind-blowing even though I’m well aware of 3D transforms already.

    unlike box-shadow, the filter property is hardware-accelerated in Chrome, and possibly other browsers

    WebRender actually got GPU-rendered box-shadow first, before the shadow filter :)

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      Anyone else feel the colored shadow is just a tad too bright of a blue? Could just be my personal taste (or my screen) but it still looks like glow effect in the final style.

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        What I like about this is the reminder to just think about the in-world light source. I know artists often remind us about that but I never considered it in the context of a ui shadow. Interesting take.

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          Awesome level of detail in this article. Something to file under cantunsee. Now I wish that color blending behavior was baked into the default CSS shadow behavior.