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    “Google’s codebase is managed in a single monolithic repository. An engineer at Google can explore almost any area of the codebase within the entire company.”

    Where I work, the second sentence applies but not the first. The article leads with this, which seems to be strongly implying that there is a dependency relationship.

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      You should listen to the complete episode. She clarifies that certain repos are separated (Open Source for one type) and that access to every part of the monolith is granted though there are permissions at the commit level.

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        I understood rikkus to say that “can explore almost any area of the codebase” doesn’t imply “there must be a monorepo”, because such transparency is also possible with a sea of repos.

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          Oh, my bad then. It is true that multi repo allows full accessibility but, come on, it makes it much more complicated to say the least.