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    Suggest correcting Depreciation to Deprecation.

    Suggest correcting to Amazon S3 Path Deprecation Plan – The Rest of the Story to match the exact title (as michrider points out nicely.)

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      Also it’s only S3 paths being deprecated, not S3 entirely.

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        Folks please consider clicking the “Suggest” link right below the title above and making your suggested changes :)

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          The way I interpret these “Suggest” comments going is I make a suggestion through that link, and readers who agree take my hint and also go through the “Suggest”

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            Indeed. And for something like tags, it serves as an opportunity to help educate new users. :)

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              I thought the suggestions went to the moderators who then either make the changes or not.

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                Not sure. My impression was if several people make the suggestion, it was applied automatically – but I have no idea.

                edit: https://lobste.rs/moderations you can see some changes are automatic.

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                Uh, personally, I didn’t even know/realize there’s a “suggest” link/button! :/ TIL; that said, for education of others like me, @grahamc what would you think about e.g. linkifying the “Suggest” word in future? Say, something like: “Suggest correcting…” — or, as @feoh elaborated, “Folks please consider clicking “Suggest” and correcting to…”

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            I hadn’t heard about this change but I think it’s a great idea. I can see this making things a lot simpler and more mnemonic for folks using S3 for static artifact storage or static websites for one.