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Is there any interest in making Lobsters degrade gracefully so it can function correctly without javascript? Currently many features do not work without javascript, such as upvoting, flagging, replying/previewing. If there is interest from jcs and the community I would gladly submit some pull requests over the holidays to make it happen.


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    If you want to do the legwork, sure.

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      If you’re polling how many people would benefit from this, I would not.

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        What is the motivation behind this? Do you frequently use a browser that doesn’t use JavaScript?

        For the record, I’m not against this…

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          It kinda irks me a little bit when websites unnecessarily rely on javascript. Just a pet peeve of mine, to be sure.

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            Life is short! If you die next week, is this how you want to send that last week?

            (I use that question with myself often.)

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              That is the wrong way to look at it. Unnecessarily running javascript, accepting cookies and generally being a negligent web user puts you and your privacy in harm. I use NoScript, RequestPolicy and Adblock with Firefox. After whitelisting all my main sites, I no longer need to even touch it, and my web experience is better because of this proactive discipline.

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              wouldn’t lobsters be a lot slower without using ajax? Sending get and post request that require refreshes for everything would slow down the experience pretty extensively – enough to degrade the UX aswell… Not saying i’m against it, just not sure why..

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                The existing ajax enhancements will continue to work as before, with the added benefit that things will also work if javascript is unavailable.

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            Yes please.

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              If the implementation of up-voting, flagging, and replying/previewing is:

              • syntactically cleaner.
              • easy to extend.

              then I think that would be cool to see… off of the top of my head I would just use form POST with button submit to replace some AJAX? But how would we dynamically update the DOM? Would we serve the template each time someone made a comment?

              1. 2

                Without javascript you can’t dynamically update the DOM.

                Users without javascript enabled would have to reload to see new comments.

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                It seems like a waste of effort to me, FWIW. It’s not at all practical to use a browser without javascript on today’s web, so only a tiny number of people would benefit. Having extra code to support an obscure feature increases the future maintenance burden of the site.

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                  It’s not at all practical to use a browser without javascript on today’s web

                  I do not find it very practical to use a browser that constantly pegs the CPU and then runs out of memory & crashes.

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                    Don’t do that then.

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                    When I’m done with it there will be less code and it should be easier to maintain.

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                      It seems implausible that it would take less code to implement something without javascript than to implement it with javascript.