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    See here for a link to the diff (on freshbsd.org), if one is interested.

    Just as a suggestion to the OpenBSD developers: OpenBSD development is one of the few things I actually care about reading the commits of. Thus, I find it sad that the ‘official’ commit log like the one mentioned above published on the mailing list on marc.info does not provide a direct link to the diff. I used to be subscribed to the commits mailing list, but saw no reason to stay subscribed for this reason. But maybe I am just missing something.

    I am sure providing direct links to diffs with the commits (or put them inline) would improve engagement and increase code-review drastically.

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      Agreed. This mirror on GitHub stays up to date and it’s where I went to read the commit: https://github.com/openbsd/src/commit/707316f931b35ef67f1390b2a00386bdd0863568