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Happy April! Time for the next quarter and new jobs!


**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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    Company: Gather

    Company site: https://gather.town/


    Engineering & Product Business Operations Recruiting

    Location: REMOTE – check out our headquarters

    Description: We are building a virtual universe which fundamentally improves how people interact online. Today, that means a powerful remote-social platform. We already have people working out of our office spaces, attending our virtual conferences, or going to school on our campus spaces. We have folks hosting everything from magic conventions to artist EP launches to thanksgiving dinners, and even a few weddings.

    Tech stack: NodeJS, React, Typescript, Kubernetes, MediaSoup, Firebase

    Contact: Apply via https://gather.town/jobs

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      I was impressed with how Other Worlds Film Festival used gather as a virtual hang-out back in December 2020. It’s a sci-fi film festifval, so having a virtual space ship as the hang-out felt natural (or at least, the closest you’d get to natural for a film fest during COVID-19). They hid a bunch of easter eggs throughout the map too. The early 2000s runescape (edit: more like Habbo Hotel) feel of the graphics and motion control was surprisingly refreshing as well.

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      Company: Code Yellow BV

      Company site: https://www.codeyellow.nl/vacanCY.html

      Position(s): Medior / Senior Front-End Developer, Medior / Senior Backend Developer, and more

      Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (ONSITE) / Bydgoszcz, Poland (ONSITE)

      Description: We build (web / mobile) applications that streamline critical business processes. Because each application is part of a critical process, it is used intensively by thousands of employees daily. The clients range in different fields: transport, sales, health, production and telecom. The range of different fields gives insight in problems unique to those fields, but also interesting overlapping problems.

      Tech stack: Django, Postgres, React, Flutter, Docker, Cypress

      Contact: contact@codeyellow.nl or DM me

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        Company: AdaCore

        Company site: https://adacore.com/

        Position(s): GNU Toolchain developper, Cross/Embedded engineer, Compiler Engineer (find out more about them here!).

        Location: Mostly Paris (France) and New York (US), although we have employees all over the world and are used to remote.

        Description: Adacore is the maintainer of GNAT, the Ada compiler based on GCC. We have a lot of tools revolving around Ada (static analyzers, formal proof tooling, IDEs…). All of our products are GPL, we make money by selling support.

        Tech stack: Ada, C, C++ and some python for our testsuites/IDE.

        Contact: Please go through the website :).

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          Company: AtoB

          Company site: atob.co

          Position(s): Founding Team - Backend/Fullstack/Frontend Engineers

          Location: REMOTE or San Francisco Bay Area. US Visa sponsorship is available.

          Description: AtoB is building Stripe for Transportation – modernizing payments infrastructure in the trucking industry.

          This is an exciting opportunity to join an early stage startup working in a huge industry with over a trillion dollars in transaction flow. Trucking is the backbone of the American economy and we have identified opportunities to replace the broken payments infrastructure & help small businesses.

          Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, React, Javascript, Typescript, AWS.

          Contact: hiring@atob.co

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            Company: PingThings

            Company site: https://pingthings.io

            Position(s): Senior Backend Developer, Senior UI/UX Designer

            Location: Remote

            Description: Pingthings is a startup built around a custom high performance time series database, focusing on improving the way that the energy industry monitors the grid. We’re looking for experienced engineers that are interested in maintaining and building out the core of our product.

            Tech stack: Go, Kuberenetes, Linux, Ceph

            Contact: ori at pingthings.io, or jobs at pingthings.io

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              Also: Devops.

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              Company: Reaktor

              Company site: https://www.reaktor.com/

              Position(s): Senior software developers

              Location: Amsterdam, Finland, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo. Remote/onsite positions.

              Description: We work on strategically critical projects that are at the core of our clients’ businesses and our society. We’ve built satellites, won emmys with the HBO, designed Adidas e-commerce experience and many more world-class digital products.

              Tech stack: TypeScript, Elixir, Clojure, Python, Scala, Haskell, Java, Go

              Contact: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/

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                Your remote positions seem to all be due to Corona. Has the company decide whether they will return to their offices?

                Reaktor seems a fascinating consultancy.

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                  We established a remote office to Finland yesterday. And most likely going to expand this outside of Finland when we get it first working here.

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                Company: Sharkmob AB (Video games)

                Company site: https://www.sharkmob.com


                Location: ONSITE (Malmo, Sweden; unless specified otherwise)

                Description: Various roles available at Sharkmob, sharkmob itself is a young gaming company borne out of the senior staff who created the original design and implementation of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

                Tech stack:

                • Terraform
                • Google Cloud
                • Kubernetes
                • C#
                • C++
                • Golang
                • Python

                Contact: For questions, contact me: jmh@sharkmob.com; to apply please use the website.

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                  Company: CircleCI

                  Company site: https://circleci.com

                  Position(s): Several across IT, customer engineering product engineering, and others. See open positions here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/circleci

                  Location: Remote (but restricted to US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany)

                  Description: CircleCI is the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, processing more than 1 million builds a day.

                  Tech stack: The frontend is TypeScript, the backend is Clojure. Most backend services use PostgreSQL, though we have a large MongoDB cluster also. We also use RabbitMQ for async messaging, and Redis for caching. We deploy on EKS.

                  Contact: You can DM me, or mail [my user name]@[company domain]

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                    Company: Apple

                    Company site: http://apple.com

                    Position(s): Data Science Engineering

                    Location: Austin TX

                    Description: See here for job description. This links to a keyword search by job title. We have multiple similar openings yet to be posted.

                    Tech stack: Python, Clojure, Java, Hadoop, Spark, Teradata

                    Contact: [my username] @apple.com

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                      Company: Lean Panda

                      Company site: https://www.leanpanda.com/

                      Position(s): Senior Developer

                      Location: REMOTE GMT - GMT+2

                      Description: We’re looking for a senior developer who wants to work in Elixir and Javascript. “Senior” for us indicates ability and behaviour, not experience. We are a full remote company.

                      Tech stack: Elixir Phoenix LiveView, React (native and DOM)

                      Contact: My email is in my profile

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                        Company: Stellar Development Foundation

                        Company site: https://stellar.org (open source: https://github.com/stellar)





                        Business Development

                        Legal & Policy

                        Location: SF, NY, Asia-Pacific, or Remote

                        Description: Stellar is a decentralized, fast, scalable, and uniquely sustainable network for financial products and services. It is both a cross-currency transaction system and a platform for digital asset issuance, designed to connect the world’s financial infrastructure.

                        The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of Stellar. The Foundation helps maintain Stellar’s codebase, supports the technical and business communities building on the network, and serves as a voice to regulators and institutions. The Foundation seeks to create equitable access to the global financial system, using the Stellar network to unlock the world’s economic potential through blockchain technology.

                        The Foundations work is open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license: https://github.com/stellar

                        Tech stack:

                        • C++ 11, Go, TypeScript, JavaScript
                        • Postgres, BigQuery
                        • Kubernetes

                        Contact: Apply here

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                          I tried to read the whitepaper a while back, correct me if I’m wrong here:

                          • Stellar is a fork of ripple?
                          • Stellar uses voting within subsets and has many overlapping subsets, the consensus is some convergence? I’d appreciate if you could explain this a bit.

                          Another thing I’m curious about:

                          • What does it take to become a validator?
                          • How are new tokens minted / distributed?
                          • How do you do oracles?
                          • How do you make sure that these “stable assets” (pegs to fiats or other things) track what they are pegging?

                          I was like 99.9999% sure this project was a scam when I looked at the paper, it tries so hard to obfuscate how it works and the ratio of claims to explanations is very bad. Seeing it here on lobsters is very surprising to me.

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                            I was like 99.9999% sure this project was a scam when I looked at the paper, it tries so hard to obfuscate how it works and the ratio of claims to explanations is very bad. Seeing it here on lobsters is very surprising to me.

                            I can’t comment on the project directly but I’ve met one of the people involved in it socially not knowing we both worked in tech and later briefly discussed Stellar. I don’t believe it’s a scam or that they would have anything to do with it if it were.

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                              A scam in the sense of whether they are actually a byzantine fault tolerant decentralized system in the first place (something they claim to be).

                              The paper does not feel clear but rather obfuscated. The questions I asked are pretty important prerequisites for deciding if you want to throw your lot in with these people, whatever people think of blockchains, it is pretty clear that byzantine fault tolerance is an important property that is desirable in any political / economic system. Exploring how it can be achieved is a worthwhile research. However due to the perverse incentives there’s all sorts of outrageous claims.

                              Another problem that would be desirable to avoid is the tragedy of the commons (the cause of climate change), which proof of stake is vulnerable to (as well as at least a large class of voting protocols, if not all), but the exploit would require co-ordination that seems to be implausible with current social networking technology (however I believe that the exploit would come in the form of something not vulnerable to tragedy of the commons, though I have yet to prove that).

                              I am not saying this because I am fond of proof of work, quite the opposite, the environmental consequences mean we should be trying to find a better solution. However we should be truthful in that pursuit and respect mathematical facts (like PoS being vulnerable to ToC) - they have a tendency to predict the future.

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                              I think they misrepresent achieving the same distributed consensus projects like bitcoin do. Its ultimately obfuscated federated control.

                              That said I think many blockchain projects are scams in that they misrepresent distributed consensus being the solution to problems when it really isn’t.

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                                @ilmu Great questions, thanks!

                                The old Stellar network that launched in 2014 was using software (stellard) that was a modified fork of the Ripple node software (rippled). In 2015 the current Stellar network was launched with a new consensus model (SCP) and new stellar-core software that was written fresh. There are some blog posts about the network upgrade that go into more detail: 1, 2.

                                For details about how the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) works, I recommend these resources. The video talks about how the voting works.

                                1. 1

                                  Thank you for answering, I just saw that you did due to the reply feature being back, I looked at these resources a bit (not through it yet) and it looks like the path you have chosen is interesting (to me at least, the model I am trying to figure out is similar in direction to yours). However I don’t think you can claim byzantine fault tolerance as-is.

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                              Company: Optable

                              Company site: https://www.optable.co


                              Location: Montreal ONSITE or REMOTE

                              Description: Optable is building a decentralized data management and connectivity platform designed for online advertising. Our goal is to enable advertisers to leverage publisher’s first-party data in a world where third-party cookies and globally shared identifiers will disappear. We operate private instances of our software on behalf of our customers. We use modern, secure multiparty computation and cryptographic techniques to allow matching of data while protecting privacy.

                              Tech stack: Golang, React, Terraform, Crypto

                              Contact: careers -at- optable.co

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                                Company: PathAI

                                Company site: https://www.pathai.com/


                                Product Engineering

                                Machine Learning

                                IT & Security

                                Technical Writing

                                Location: Onsite (Boston MA) / Remote

                                Description: PathAI is looking for full-stack and security engineers to work toward detecting diseases like cancer faster and more accurately while paving the way toward personalized medicine. We’re working with a modern stack using Python / Django backend alongside a Vue-powered front-end. Services are containerized, and we do our best to have a great engineering environment alongside our regulatory and compliance efforts. We’re a technology company working within healthcare, not a healthcare company trying to leverage technology. Work alongside a diverse set of expert technologists, computational biologists, and computer vision scientists – if you’re intellectually curious, it’s an amazing environment to be in. We’re well-funded with strong revenue, growth, and – most importantly – impact.

                                Tech stack: Vue.js, Python / Django, AWS, Docker, Cypress

                                Contact: peter.lazzarino@pathai.com - Apply via the careers page

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                                  Company: Sentry (sentry.io)

                                  Company site: https://sentry.io

                                  Position(s): Software Engineer (jr/sr/staff) on various teams, SRE, Engineering Manager

                                  Location: San Francisco, Vienna, Toronto (onsite for all)

                                  Description: Sentry is a company that sells application monitoring. We have a lot of openings to describe them all here, check https://sentry.io/careers/#openings

                                  Tech stack: Python, JS, Rust

                                  Contact: Please go through the website

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                                    Company: Ramp

                                    Company site: https://ramp.com/careers

                                    Position(s): Software Engineers, Managers, Data folks of all types

                                    Location: Headquartered in NYC, remote has been happening during the pandemic.

                                    Description: We’re building a better financial stack for businesses: a charge card that maximizes control, transparency, and convenience, reimbursements and receipt uploading that doesn’t suck, accounting integrations to close your books in hours instead of days, and a backend to identify savings opportunities. Frees up your CFO of finance team to tackle more important problems. Businesses that run efficiently last longer and have happier employees.

                                    Engineering team is about 20 people: large enough that we have teams, not large enough that you don’t learn everyone’s name. We’ve got plenty of funding and big plans after a promising two years of delivery. Founders have exited successfully before, and wrote a sincere thank you to team who brought them there. I’m a bit of a cynical bastard and have a hard time trusting founders (easy to get burned! a lot of bravado and showmanship) so I’m extremely grateful to have joined this group, which is committed to winning this race the old-fashioned way: it starts with making a great product that solves a real problem!

                                    Tech stack:

                                    One set of services: Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery on RabbitMQ) & Postgres

                                    Another set of services: Elixir (Pheonix, Ecto) & Postgres

                                    Infra/DevOps: A ton of AWS services (Fargate, CodePipeline, CloudWatch) managed with Terraform, DataDog for a ton of logging, monitoring, and observability.

                                    Contact: You can apply on the careers page linked above, but feel free to reach out to me personally (pablo @ ramp . com), I’m the first full-time hire and love talking to engineers 😄

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                                      Company: Truebill

                                      Company site: https://www.truebill.com/

                                      Position(s): Full-Stack Engineers, ML Engineers, Engineering Managers (https://www.truebill.com/careers/)

                                      Location: Remote (w/ offices in DC / SF)

                                      Description: Truebill launched out of YC and is on a mission to help people take back control of their finances and meaningfully improve their financial health. We help our users identify and cancel/negotiate their recurring bills & subscriptions, track their spending and define a budget, build healthy savings habits through automated savings plans, navigate difficult times with paycheck advances, and more!

                                      Tech stack: TypeScript / Node / React[-Native] / AWS

                                      Contact: You can apply through the website or just DM me

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                                        Company: Jobvite

                                        Company site: https://www.jobvite.com/

                                        Position(s): Lots: https://talent.jobvite.com/search/jobs

                                        Location: Remote: (Canada, US, we have people in UK too), Onsite: Indianapolis IN, Kitchner ON, Bangalore India

                                        Description: Application Tracking System and a Recruitement Marketing software from SMB to Enterprise. From the careersite: “We are Jobvite and we are on a mission to help people and companies grow as we continue to build and expand the innovative SaaS solutions within our leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite. Jobvite empowers talent aquisition leaders to better understand recruitment data and improve recruiting results as they engage, hire, and grow diverse talent”

                                        Tech stack: There are essentially two. The ATS is primarily Java, the RM suite is Ruby/Rails (and some React) (and a tiny bit of Go :) )

                                        Contact: https://talent.jobvite.com/

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                                          Company: Pluralsight

                                          Company site: https://www.pluralsight.com

                                          Position(s): Senior Developer Evangelist

                                          Location: Remote

                                          Description: Pluralsight is looking for a Social Media Manager who will be responsible for telling engaging stories to our social media audience of more than 1.6 million followers.

                                          Tech stack: Anything, Social Media and/or SEO Experience

                                          Contact: jeremy-morgan@pluralsight.com

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                                            Company: Brilliant Solutions

                                            Company site: https://brilliantsolutions.net

                                            Position(s): Mid / Senior DevOps Engineer

                                            Location: Alexandria, VA (Primarily On Site - Partial Local Remote)

                                            Description: (Active Top Secret Clearance Required) Contracting for DoD customers in high security environment. Design/Build and implement software solutions for both internal tooling and client requirements. Develop and maintain software components and solutions used in highly secure environments. Modify or adapt existing software solutions to fit customer requirements. Implement automation tasks for server workloads such as writing Ansible playbooks, Bash or Python. Integrate existing software into new or modified systems or operating environments. Able to integrate new solutions into existing software and applications via modification and integration. Requires expert application development, code review and analysis security assessments of various COTS and GOTS applications. Maintain system security and execute common practices/procedures; monitors usage statistics and logs; monitors and remedies attempts to penetrate or corrupt server files.

                                            Tech stack: Python, Rust, Bash. Ansible. Redhat, CentOS, and Ubuntu. ESXi, bare metal, and Cloud VPS. GitLab full CI/CD pipelines. Docker.

                                            Contact: Email in my bio

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                                              Company: ShowcaseIDX

                                              Company site: https://showcaseidx.com/careers/

                                              Position(s): Ruby engineer

                                              Location: REMOTE Western Hemisphere only with ability to work in US

                                              Description: Ruby api development. We’ll be a team of 7 working with a data group and a UI group. Showcase is growing fast right now, as we were recently acquired by eXp world holdings. Come work on tech that’s already getting lots of traffic and solve problems that affect millions of users across the world!

                                              Tech stack: Rails API, rspec, rswag, k8s deployment. Greenfield development may be different stack, but we’ll decide on that as a group.

                                              Contact: john.krueger@showcaseidx.com

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                                                Company: 6 River Systems

                                                Company site: https://6river.com/

                                                Position(s): Multiple Software Engineering positions.

                                                Location: REMOTE

                                                Description: We make robots that operate inside warehouses. We are part of Shopify and are leading the industry in autonomous mobile robotic fulfillment.

                                                Tech stack: NodeJS, Typescript, Kubernetes, React, Postgres

                                                Contact: https://6river.com/jobs/