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    may even propagate cookies between different browsers on the same client machine

    It’s like a cookie virus.

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      This is somewhat frightening.

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        Indeed. Why exactly was this even developed? What use does it fulfill?

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          The author has been involved in researching this kind of tracking for many years.

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            Research. You now have a possible worst-case scenario and can start working on a clearing solution.

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              Advertising. A big problem in the advertising world (especially as people rightfully become more paranoid about being tracked) is that advertisers “lose” people as caches/cookies are cleared, devices are used, incognito mode, etc.

              A super-cookie that tracks forever and is impossible to remove is an advertiser’s dream come true. I worked a brief stint in advertising, and when this first appeared we definitely talked about it. Luckily it was decided this thing was too evil and the PR backlash alone would be devastating.

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                I think everything is fine and dandy until you start using Java exploits to write the cookie directly to the user’s hard drive. Now that is just going too far.

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                  No disagreements there :)

                  Any company that willingly uses this thing should be outed and shunned.

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            wow this has become even more persistent than before. I actually remember this guy & code was in the news a while back. Wikipedia states: in 2010 the reported it the “undelete-able cookie”. Jeez, it even uses the java exploit to write files directly to the hard drive!

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              Semi-seriously considering doing all my browsing in Tails from now on…