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    What does “replaced by artificial intelligence” even mean? “Driving a car or cooking” are two examples where you could have technology embedded semi-permanently (in the car/cook top/etc.) and it makes sense that you might not need a phone on you, but.. anywhere else?!

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      Flagging this for off-topic, that’s disappointing. The article is down three points as I’m writing this. It leaves a bit of a bad taste: one might not agree with the article, in fact I found it a bit odd myself, which is why I posted it to begin with. But it’s certainly not an off-topic subject for a tech site, and you don’t have to vote me down for sharing it. Why not just hide the article instead? Which five users did… almost making me feel thankful! gasp

      Also, another story that came on the same day as this article was that Mozilla is discontinuing Firefox OS. So is this really such a ridiculous idea, that “something else” will reach the same amount of popularity, or more, as the increasingly saturated smart phone market has at present?

      Not such a silly idea to me. Take Apple. They got huge with their tablets and iphones virtually over night. What if some company can accomplish similar things with, as the article claims, AI? Or, if not AI (I agree, it’s a bit unclear what they mean), something else we simply haven’t heard of yet?

      Sometimes a trend just explodes out of thin air after it has been virtually unknown. Happened with Bitcoin. It will happen again. Bitcoin might not have replaced banks, but it certainly changed the world.

      It sure is an interesting idea and because of that, it’s worth at least some discussion in my opinion. Not these sour grapes.

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        Is it interesting? Or is it click bait drivel? Regardless of tech connection, I’d say the latter is always off topic.

        I’m not sure Mozilla acknowledging that fxos is a dead end implies anything about other phones being a dead end.

        What is this magic “AI” that’s going to replace everything? Will it run on devices? Or in the cloud? Oh, oh, I know, it will run on the Internet of things! And how do 100,000 randos off the street know so much about it???

        In five years, when I don’t have a smartphone, how will I interface with lobsters? (Or is lobsters also destined to die out within five years?)