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      This is another one of those topics that is important and meaningful and interesting (regardless of whether you’re on this side or that or staying out of it) but doesn’t belong here just as a freshly shot deer doesn’t belong on the kitchen table–it’s too messy. You don’t bring that in the house–at least not until some work has been done to it.

      I think “GNU Imp” would be fine. Somebody would end up painting Imp/Goblin fan-art in Imp and posting it in Goblin.. :)

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      GIMP is irritating, but “Gigolo” is my least favorite. “Gimp” at least has multiple meanings and a reasonable acronym expansion…“Gigolo” only means “male prostitute” and it’s named that cause it mounts everything, get it?! Hilarious….

      I’m not saying, at all, that these projects should change their names. I’m just saying that it could be perceived as unprofessional…though again, that’s both in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily a bad thing given your point of view

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