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    Or, when debugging a shell script issue requires reading the Linux source code.

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      Many fun problems require debugging down through multiple layers of technology.

      Just be thankful you can debug the code in this fashion. What if it had been Windows or macOS?

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        Yeah but some technologies have more hidden gotchas than others. In my experience, shell scripts are really good at hiding problems.

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          On Windows, I’d have the symbol server.

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            On Windows, I don’t have a symbols server.

            Sad day.

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        1. I’ve hit the too many environment variables limits in a Kubernetes test cluster. Each service adds an environment variable (a few actually), and the test suite wasn’t doing a good job cleaning up services. Eventually too many services accumulated, which meant too many environment variables accumulated, and tests started failing with an initially mysterious too-many-arguments error.

        2. I notice that the program didn’t stop, it just kept running all the commands in the face of errors… Maybe shell is not a good programming language?

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          Not strictly relevant to the lesson at hand, but I’m wondering what platform this problem was encountered on.

          On one hand, the screenshot of the NEWUSERPKGS environment variable includes familiar version numbers like “1ubuntu5”. On the other hand, I don’t think Ubuntu’s package manager is called “pkg”, and xargs --show-limit < /dev/null on my Debian system says I should have ~2MB of environment/command-line space, more than enough to stash a 172,474 byte package list.

          It wouldn’t surprise me to learn there’s a distro out there somewhere using Ubuntu-built binaries repackaged for the SunOS package manager and running on a NetBSD kernel, I just haven’t heard of it.

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            The first sentence says puppy-linux thinkpad so I assume Puppy Linux. They also have a post about using Puppy to create “Linux Mixtapes” which mentions running Puppy off a flash drive on a thinkpad.