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I didn’t see a postmortem for the about twelve hours of downtime that we had recently. Today things are a bit slow. Are the admins overworked? Should the community be seeking volunteers to take maintenance burden off them? Is there a financial issue, would donations help?

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    A 5Gbps DDoS aimed at the site caused the initial connectivity problems on Monday evening. The ISP null routed lobste.rs' IP at their border because the amount of traffic took down other customers on the switch. They physically moved the server to another place in the datacenter so it could uplink to a higher-bandwidth switch in case of another attack, but left the null route in place until the next morning.

    As for any lingering slowness, I’m not really seeing any from my end. Is anyone else seeing problems?

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      Wow, ouch, thank you for the information.

      I figured out that the slowness may have been network conditions relatively near me, actually, though I was surprised by that since it’s usually quite good. Probably not the fault of Lobsters, only that I noticed it here and not elsewhere because AJAXy elements here don’t display busy indicators when they take too long.

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        Does this mean lobste.rs has arrived?

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          I guess someone figured, “if you can’t join em, beat em.”

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          I was seeing lots of latency over the last day or so, but it seems okay at the moment.