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    I am a professional programmer. I take myself seriously and so should you.

    Ha. Ha ha. Bwahahahaha.

    It’s hard to take people in our industry when shit like this happens.

    I’d settle for people not being so cult-like around what are, effectively, development tools and languages. I’d settle for people not using such vapidly emotional language like “built with <3” and “delight” and all that other happy horseshit.

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      Totally. Our whole profession is built around pop culture. We do act like children. It doesn’t help that they treat us like children too. The flywheel of stupid shit is still moving. I just want to blow on it a little and slow it down.

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      I’m not exactly sure who this is directed to. Most of the hackathon and fun things in companies I see are driven by the engineers wanting that. I happen to not like hackathons and all the coddling engineering departments get too but I don’t think management likes hackathons either, but they use it as marketing to get engineers.