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This is also an exciting post for me because unusually with a hypothesis.works article I am not ticking the “I am the author of the story at this URL” button :-)

Relatedly, if anyone would like/be willing to I’d be delighted to accept guest posts about other property based testing systems too (especially ones that compare them with Hypothesis, but even without that!)


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    I’m in the midst of refactoring a personal Python project. This post gives a clear direction on how I can apply Hypothesis to it. (Which is good, as I’d been otherwise ruthlessly killing dependencies.)

    Thank you for this article! I asked many weeks ago about how to begin using Hypothesis. The recent series of posts have ticked that box.

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      Wow, that’s a great article. This makes me much less perplexed about how I might go about incrementally adding hypothesis to a python library I work on. In particular, hypothesis.assume will help encode where error states are documented to happen, rather than just blindly catching all errors. The latter strategy is where I ended up before when I played with hypothesis.