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    See also Tomu, a similar project which fits an ARM cortex computer inside your USB port and has freely-licensed specs: https://tomu.im (by one of the co-creators of the Novena open-hardware laptop)

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      This looks really awesome, although it seems like most of the benefits over a regular Nitrokey only exist if you have a Purism laptop? Which is a bummer. I used a Purism laptop briefly and really liked it (mostly) but my screen broke and they were unable to replace it for 6 months so eventually I ordered a System76.

      Nitrokey is really excellent though.

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        I guess it would also work for any coreboot-able laptop (e.g. Thinkpad X220/230) you install Heads on

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        Product press release, which is basically just an advert.

        Also, it should’ve been tagged release.