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Call me grammar police or whatever, but this has been bothering me for a while. I request a renaming because “formal” and “methods” are distinct words just like “merkle” and “trees” are, but the former are stuck together whereas the latter are separated by a hyphen. A consistent naming conversion is always preferable.

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    There’s another reason to fix this: using punctuation properly allows screen readers to pronounce the words without it being a jumble.

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      Would this also apply to other tags, in general, like obectivecobjective-c?

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        Yeah, I would also second that.

        An alternative is to rename merkle-trees to merkletrees so that it’s consistent with other hyphen-less tag names, but I personally prefer the presence of delimiters.

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          Can always take the Chaotic Good approach and retrofit the rules so names in tags are followed (and preceded?) by hyphens.

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            I propose that names in tags be followed by hyphens only if they end in an “odd” letter (counting starting from 1), so merkle-trees-, formalmethods-, objective-c-, rust, etc.

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              Just strip the hyphens. I want o-b-j-e-c-t-i-vec to be valid, damnit!

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                ObjectiVec is the name of my next OO vector library.

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          The fundamental rule for URLs is that they should not change. So if the https://lobste.rs/t/formalmethods will remain (as redirection), it is OK.

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            I agree! However, https://lobste.rs/t/cryptocurrencies returns 404 after cryptocurrency was renamed to merkle-trees :(

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              @pushcx Is it possible to create a redirect for renamed tags?

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                Could always hard-patch in a route in the top or /t/ routers.