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    Alternatively, one can use static named directory. It has the advantage of being expanded at any place, so it works with any command, not just with cd.

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      Is this approach zsh only?

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        Yes. AFAIK, bash does not have this.

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        Wow! I had no idea such a thing existed. Definitely it looks like a more complete solution than mine, although also more complex. Still good to learn something new :)

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          I also like the words of wisdom thar you can just use shell variables.


          You only lose the prompt expansion.

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          I use zoxide (from the autojump family of tools) and let my computer remember my frequently used directories for me.

          (AFAIK autojump inspired j inspired j2 inspired z inspired z.lua inspired zoxide.)

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            I also use zoxide because it supports both Powershell and fish unlike many of its predecessors

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            I’ve been using this solution with a slight modification,. It is basically the same idea, but creates custom commands instead of modifying CDPATH.