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This is our fifth year of !!Con - two days of 10-minute lightning talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of programming.

For inspiration, check out our past years of talks on our website, bangbangcon.com. Links to past years are in the footer, or on the CFP page.

The CFP is open through this Sunday, March 4. Please consider submitting a talk idea!

Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have questions :)

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    I had three talks all lined up before I checked the date. At PyCon that weekend :(

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      This looks really cool, the quality of the talks looks amazing. I kinda want to submit but I’m afraid I won’t be able to pull together something awesome enough.

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        I encourage you to submit something anyway! Some of my favorite talks have been about something that seemed trivial to the speaker, but that I’d never even heard of before :)