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      I enjoyed the video showing (hearing) those three keyboards in action. I routinely work in open air public spaces and keyboard noise is factor for me. This got a chuckle out of me:

      The big brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

      The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is a pangram–a sentence containing every letter in the (English) alphabet. It appears as a keyboard exercise due to that fact.

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        The name “zpojqwfejwfhiunz” also contains every letter in the English (Latin) alphabet… except for a few letters.

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      The only keyboards I use are IBM model M. I have a stash of them from when I would buy any modem M I could find (usually thrift stores and HAM fests, and the most I ever paid for one is $10) from about 1999 to 2005 so I think I’m set for life (the one I’m using has been in continual use since at least 2000).

      I’m lucky in that my office mate at work doesn’t mind my using one.

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      I can share the same sentiment here. I’m much younger than the two Model M keyboards in my possession (one IBM, one Lexmark), and I find there is just something wonderful about how they feel.

      I tried to use my IBM-branded M at $job a while back, and it was far too loud as a daily-driver there. I have since switched to a 70% with brown switches and am thorougly satisfied (though my coworkers have still made note of the noise).

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      Great keyboard without doubt. I bought a keyboard from Unicomp. These keyboard are not made by IBM/Lexmark anymore, but I found a company called Unicomp, they are located in the states. Turns out Unicomp bought the rights/patents and tools for building the Model M keyboard; a.k.a buckling spring technology.

      A little writeup about the keyboard; https://tobis.dk/blog/my-new-keyboard-unicomp/

      I don’t use it anymore. It is too loud if you have others around you. Pretty good keyboard.

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      Nice article. I’ve had two Model M’s (the m key on the first one stopped responding) and I like the sturdy feel. However recently I’ve been finding the buckling springs a bit too loud and heavy. The keyboard is also pretty big so it’s hard to reach for the mouse. Maybe it’s time to go for a Spacesaver 104 :)

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        it’s hard to reach for the mouse

        For this reason I have vi keybindings in all the programs I use most. It’s not a productivity thing, I just really dislike taking my paws off home row to reach for a pointing device.

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          I have a mouse layer with movement on WASD, and mouse buttons on F/R, for the same reason, for more unruly programs.

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          Same, but I also consider a TKL keyboard (CM MasterKeys S for the beginning) or 60% which may require a while to accustom.