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    I prefer the same author’s essay on time zones, which genuinely convinced me that the current system of time zones is broadly a good idea (although we could perhaps make some tweaks around the edges to improve the system).

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      local “midnight” should be the middle of the local night

      What is the middle of a local night? Nights are variable length, you know.

      Discordianism is not very funny

      [citation needed].

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        Do you dispute that every length has a midpoint?

        And, since when do matters of taste require citations?

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        I really liked the Kodak regular calendar idea

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          I just want nine day weeks

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            I’m afraid to ask why

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              6 day week, 3 day weekend – it’d work well for a system where not everybody took their weekend at exactly the same time.

              Also it would lend a completely new meaning to the hit Beatles song “eight days a week”

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              Since 365 x 4 + 1 = 1461 = 3 x 487 I always thought that 3 day weeks with 487 week years made the most sense.

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