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Who’s hiring for fellow lobsters?

Attached is a template that could be helpful

**Company:** XXXXXX
**Company site:** XXXXX
**Position(s):** XXXXXX
**Location:** XXXXXX

**Description:** XXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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    Company: Systems and Technology Research

    Company site: http://stresearch.com (It’s not particularly helpful here)

    Position: Lots of fun software stuff – from programming languages to data engineering to computer vision to basically anything that’s not a webapp

    Location: Woburn, MA (a little north of Boston)

    Description: We solve hard problems, usually (but not always) for the government. We’re not some stodgy defense contractor but rather teams of engineers, mathematicians and software engineers that get things done and actually deliver product. Some examples of the types of projects we work on are counter-botnet botnets and programming language research to improve security.

    Feel free to apply through the website or through a PM to me – if the former, please mention lobste.rs!

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      Company: Galois

      Company site: https://galois.com

      Position(s): Principal researchers, research engineers and technical project leads

      Location: Arlington, VA. Dayton, OH, Portland, OR

      Description: We’re looking for folks that enjoy working on challenging problems in computer science. We collaborate with organizations like NASA, DARPA, and Amazon Web Services to explore what is possible and turn impactful ideas (often stemming from academic research) into usable technology. Galois is employee-owned, we have a one-level flat organizational structure, and we make important decisions as a group. Engineers choose what they work on out of a large pool of projects. We love to learn and share what we know, and that’s a big part of how we approach R&D, so we have no hard requirements for previous experience with similar work. You’d be joining a team of 100.

      Some of the things we’ve worked on in the past: Formal methods, static analysis, binary analysis, cryptographic algorithms, domain specific languages, programming languages theory, abstract interpretation, type theory, formal verification and software correctness, reinforcement learning, autonomous systems assurance, communication security, cyber-deception for network defense, DDoS defense, provable hardware security, statistical anomaly detection for detecting advanced persistent threats.

      We think working here is awesome, and you can find a more polished version of what that means at https://lifeatgalois.com.

      Apply at the following link, or shoot me a message with questions! https://galois.com/careers/#careers-list

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        Company: ADAC Camping GmbH

        Company site: PiNCAMP.de

        Position(s): Senior Backend Developer, Scrum Master

        Location: Berlin, Germany

        Description: We’re a camping startup funded by the ADAC, Europe’s largest automobile association with over 20 million members, but we have a mind of our own. Our journey towards becoming the best place for camping has just started less than a year ago. Currently we’re listing campsites and camping destinations as well as allowing reservations, but we’re moving towards integrating many more campsites, expanding to other countries and enabling bookability. Camping is not boring technology-wise! There’s lots of fine-grained data to process and display. Have a look at our stackshare account. We are an English speaking team with over 10 nationalities. Besides our generous vacation allowance as an employee you have (free) access to our 2 camping vehicles!

        Contact: Apply through the respective links for the positions above and mention lobste.rs! Feel free to ask me questions here via PMs.

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          Company: Segment

          Company site: https://segment.com/

          Position(s): Many things, but I’m specifically hiring Software Engineers for the SRE and Tooling teams. https://segment.com/jobs/922851/

          Location: San Francisco and Vancouver are primary engineering offices, but open to remote, with some limits. Just ask.

          Description: Segment provides infrastructure for first party customer data. The tooling and SRE teams write software, mostly in Go to ensure our engineering team is productive and our systems are reliable. The company is growing quickly with interesting scale challenges. Check out our engineering blog: https://segment.com/blog/categories/engineering/

          Contact: tcole@segment.com

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            Company: FreeAgent

            Company site: https://freeagent.com/


            • Product engineers, junior/mid/senior/principal - you’ll be working predominantly with Ruby on Rails but you don’t need to have direct experience of it - we’ll get you up to speed!

            • Platform engineers, mid/senior/principal - opportunities to work on our cloud migration (we’ve moving to AWS), CI/CD, developer tooling, data science, machine learning

            • Test Engineering - helping to build an even better testing culture into the product from creating an idea to monitoring once it is delivered

            • Engineering managers, team leads, product managers, product designers

            Location: Edinburgh, Scotland or remote in the UK for senior positions

            Description: At FreeAgent we help freelancers and small businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

            We have built an award-winning banking and accounting app that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We’re based in beautiful Edinburgh and we’re growing from strength to strength with over 90,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is amazing (70!) - customers love what we do and our team get to make a real impact.

            That’s actually my favourite part of the job: seeing the positive impact that we’re having on small businesses with every release, allowing those people to get on with the thing they got into business for (hairdressing, dress making, web consultancy), rather than spending time worrying about their finances.

            We’re a growing team of over 200 people. 50% of our engineering team are distributed across the UK, the rest being based at our Edinburgh HQ.

            Contact: For applications, go via our hiring page: https://www.freeagent.com/careers. If you have questions, feel free to PM me here or send me an email: james [at] freeagent [dot] com

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              Company: Fullstack.io

              Company site: https://www.fullstack.io/write-a-book

              Position(s): Book author

              Location: Remote

              Description: We are looking for authors who want to write programming books. Specifically, authors who want to write about Golang, Rust, WASM, Elixir, and Python.

              API docs often focus on too-thin of an area of responsibility and blog posts are scattered and of mixed quality. Our books are written for programmers trying to learn a new framework/language and we try to teach the practical wisdom that you would otherwise only learn on the job.

              We split royalties 50/50 and help a ton with marketing. Our tooling is sane (markdown, git) and several of our authors have earned $50k+ in a year.

              In fact, we just finished a book on D3 with a fellow Lobster.

              There are so many insights we have as experienced engineers that you can’t learn from Medium posts. If you’re interested in sharing your hard-earned, deep knowledge through a book, reach out by using the form on this page

              Contact: The form on this page

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                Company: IBM Company site: ibm.com Position(s): Software Developer Location: Markham, ON, Canada

                Description: Hi everyone, my team is looking for software developers in Toronto. The official job posting is not out yet, but you can read more details and background info in this post: https://programmingzen.com/join-my-team-at-ibm/. Basically, we are looking for several software developers to join our team of developers and data scientists. We are looking for people who can solve problems and get stuff done, more than specific programming languages. That said, we tend to use Ruby/Python/Elixir/JavaScript rather than Java or C#. Experience with containers and DevOPs a plus but not required. A flair for data science would be ideal as well, but not a requirement. If you are interested, hit me up and I will send you the formal job posting where to apply as soon as it becomes available.

                Contact: cangiano@ca.ibm.com

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                  Company: Stay22
                  Company site: https://stay22.com
                  Position(s): Frontend Lead / Frontend Developer / Backend Developer
                  Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

                  Description: Stay22 is making it easier for travelers to find accommodations near specific venue’s or POIs. Initially started as a way for event-goers to find a place to stay nearby a concert or conference, we’ve now branched out into pretty much every type of event and I’ve been dogfooding our tool when travel with my friends and family. We’ve been around since 2016 and have been having massive growth since the shutdown of Airbnb for Events. We originally started as a JS shop (Mongo, Node, Leaflet) but now are moving more of the backend to Go and moving away from Mongo to Postgres as we grow.

                  Contact: trevor@stay22.com or PM me

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                    Company: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

                    Company site: https://dbhi.chop.edu

                    Position(s): Software Engineer

                    Location: Philadelphia, PA

                    Description: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute and its Dept of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) are seeking a software engineer to help build an enterprise-level data and informatics platform called “Arcus”. The Arcus team integrates with major scientific initiatives in the Research Institute strategic plan, high-impact research areas such as lifespan, rare diseases, novel devices and therapeutics, and precision health.

                    This role will work on a small team focused on architecting and implementing a cloud-native platform that supports the goals of the Arcus program. We are looking for highly creative people who share our mission to advance child health and who will thrive in a continuous learning environment, acquiring and applying both new technical skills and biomedical domain knowledge.

                    Contact: Above position link or ruthb@chop.edu

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                      Company: Indigo Agriculture

                      Company Site: https://www.indigoag.com/join-us

                      Positions: Software engineers (all levels)

                      Location: Boston, MA (on-site or remote)


                      We’re the fastest growing unicorn you’ve never heard of [0] and were recently named CNBC’s Most Disruptive Business beating out Airbnb, Stripe, Flexport, and more [3].

                      Indigo is revolutionizing agtech by offering better crops to farmers through technology. Agtech is one of the most under-hyped technology trends [1] and we’re serving a multi-trillion dollar marketplace services industry [2].

                      One fast-growing group inside Indigo is working on the Uber of Agriculture. They’re developing a transportation network to connect farmers with preferred carriers (trucks) to help them ship millions of bushels of grain across the United States. It’s like a real world Traveling Salesman Problem with even more requirements.

                      Indigo is hiring engineers at all levels; back-end, front-end, mobile… you name it, we need the help (see all of them here: https://www.indigoag.com/join-us ).

                      Our tech stack includes AWS, Docker, Kubernetes (DevOps), Postgres (DB), Node (TypeScript) & GraphQL (back-end), React & Apollo (front-end), and Python (data science / comp bio).

                      We also offer incredible perks. Free lunch (a rarity in Boston), massive commuter benefits (both MBTA and bicycling), fitness reimbursement, ample vacation; we really focus on and believe in both health and sustainability.

                      I’d be happy to tell you more, so feel free to PM me and I’ll personally refer you to the company.

                      [0] https://www.builtinboston.com/2017/09/26/agtech-startup-indigo-boston-tech-unicorn

                      [1] http://stateofstartups.firstround.com/2018/#trends-and-takes

                      [2] https://andrewchen.co/how-marketplaces-will-reinvent-the-service-economy/

                      [3] https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/15/meet-the-2019-cnbc-disruptor-50-companies.html

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                        Company: Near Earth Autonomy

                        Company site: http://jobs.nearearth.aero/

                        Position(s): Software engineer, robotics engineer, full stack web developer, embedded engineer, data analyst… lots of stuff.

                        Location: Pittsburgh, PA

                        Description: We build systems that let aircraft fly themselves, from small drones to full-sized helicopters and everything in between. This means pathfinding, obstacle avoidance, mapping/surveying, landing, integration with aircraft systems, as well as infrastructure things like testing, deployment, UI… IMO we really more people who know how to build, verify and organize large projects, as well as take an R&D project to a product. We have some exciting contracts both with government and civilian clients in the next year, putting our stuff onto commercial aircraft to be built and sold. We do a lot of C++ and Python on Linux, it’s a small, engineering-focused company of about 70 people, and you get to see your code fly things.

                        Contact: Apply on the website or PM me here. If you apply, please mention lobste.rs!

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                          Company: Foxconn (Wisconsin)

                          Company site: https://foxconnjobs.us/

                          Position(s): Industrial Software Engineering, AI/ML Software Engineering, Content and Marketing, among others

                          Location: Southeastern Wisconsin

                          Description: Foxconn is the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world. We manufacture most apple products, graphics cards, HPC, and game consoles – over 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide.

                          Foxconn has entered Wisconsin and is in the process of building a science and technology park between Milwaukee and Chicago. The plan is to leverage Foxconn’s extensive manufacturing experience, manufacturing data, and HPC manufacturing capability to achieve smart, worry-free factory operations.

                          As for your professional development, as the 5th largest private employer in the world with global factory operations, there’s a lot of room for experienced and passionate people to learn, especially in the fields of industrial AI, factory IoT, AI sales, or electrical engineering. I encourage you to check out the job site and see if there’s a position that interests you. Foxconn is definitely not a traditional startup company, but it provides unique opportunities to learn about smart manufacturing.

                          Contact: Please send me a PM on this site or apply directly on the company site. I’d be happy to answer questions.

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                            Company: Apple
                            Company site: apple.com
                            Position(s): Data Science Engineer
                            Location: Austin TX


                            We are a software engineering team working in close partnership with data scientists. We build tools and systems to protect Apple and our customers from fraud, waste, and abuse. We are one of very few organizations that has access to and influence over nearly every aspect of Apple’s businesses, from manufacturing & supply, direct & channel sales, warranty & customer support, and services.

                            We are a rapidly-growing team looking to hire talented programmers at all skill levels. We use a variety of technologies, predominately written in Python, Java, and Clojure, interacting with massive-scale data on Teradata and Hadoop.

                            Our team is mainly based in Austin, but we are open to hiring at other Apple sites such as Cupertino, Singapore, and Shanghai.


                            Contact: Apply online at the link above and email me [my username] [at] apple.com

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                              Company: LeanTaaS

                              Company site: https://leantaas.com/

                              Position(s): Python and Java backend engineers, data scientists, data engineers, Angular frontend engineers, QA engineers and product managers.

                              Location: Santa Clara, CA and Charlotte, NC. Most positions can be filled in either office.

                              Description: LeanTaaS is a fast growing healthcare predictive analytics company that uses sophisticated math and lean principles to make healthcare providers more efficient. tl;dr we optimize doctor schedules

                              Contact: Apply at https://leantaas.com/about/careers/ and if you have any questions you can reach me at david.g@leantaas.com

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                                Company: Discord

                                Company site: https://discordapp.com

                                Position(s): Security Engineer

                                Location: San Francisco, CA

                                Description: We’re hiring security engineers (well, and a bunch of other stuff, but I’m the hiring manager for security engineers) to work on Discord’s brand new security engineering team! We’re a small company so this is a very broad role – you don’t have to be an expert at (or even be familiar with) all of the things we’ll be doing, but the ideal candidate would be an expert in at least one of the areas we’ll be working in. There are no hard requirements, definitely get in touch even if you have a nontraditional background.

                                Check out the job description here: https://discordapp.com/jobs/4362278002

                                Contact: Feel free to reach out with any questions on Discord at cmFtc2V5IzAwMDE=. I’m also on IRC. Happy to give resume/career advice too, even if you aren’t interested in the role.

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                                  Experience with Linux system administration (we’re on Ubuntu 14.04…)

                                  Oh my

                                  1. 2

                                    It’s fine, technology doesn’t change much in 5 years. Definitely not in the security arena.

                                    1. 1

                                      Definitely not in the security arena.

                                      That couldn’t be more false given both the amount of effort/tooling applied to finding vulnerabilities in Linux kernels and the recent focus on hardware flaws popularized by Meltdown/Spectre. Even projects in high-assurance security targeting commodity platforms need updates due to flaws below or around their developers’ scope.

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                                        Maybe I should’ve put a /s tag on my comment…

                                        1. 1

                                          I hear ya. My bad misreading it

                                    2. 2


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                                    Company: Fastmail

                                    Company site: https://www.fastmail.com/

                                    Position(s): Email Client Application Developer

                                    Location: Philadelphia, PA

                                    Description: https://www.fastmail.com/about/jobs/2019-04-clientdev/

                                    We’re looking for an Email Client Application developer to join the FastMail team in our Center City Philadelphia office.

                                    Together with the rest of our team, you’ll work on our email services FastMail, Pobox, and Topicbox. When the vast majority of people get email for free, the reason people choose a paid service is because they value both privacy and a great user experience.

                                    You’ll be working on our best-in-breed mail clients, providing super-fast, powerful access to webmail, calendars, contacts and more. You’ll work with our collaborative team of front- and back-end developers, designers and researchers. Improving our customers’ interactive experience, keeping it secure and a delight to use is what we do, every day.

                                    Our interfaces are built upon our own Overture framework and the new email standard JMAP. It gives us full control from top to bottom to build the right solutions to difficult problems. If you’ve worked with other MVC application frameworks, like Apple’s Cocoa, you should find Overture easy to pick up.

                                    You’ll have the opportunity to work at many levels:

                                    • building features from scratch with our design and product teams
                                    • optimizing and improving existing code
                                    • tracking down and fixing elusive bugs reported by customers

                                    Contact: Email us at jobs@fastmail.com to introduce yourself and tell us why you would be a good fit for the job! This job requires clear communication, so that message is part of your application, but please also include a PDF of your resume.

                                    1. 2

                                      I’ve been interested in looking at gmail alternatives and I’ve heard good things about Fastmail. Good to know there’s an engineer on here, makes me trust it a bit more.

                                    2. 3

                                      Company: Workiva

                                      Company site: https://workiva.com (https://www.workiva.com/careers/search)

                                      Position(s): Software Engineer, Product Manager, various others

                                      Location: Denver, CO and Bozeman, MT plus a random assortment of other locations

                                      Description: We make tools to help with data integrity and various kinds of business reporting. Our first product allowed public companies to do their SEC filings electronically and we now dominate that space. Lately we have been moving into other, similar markets.

                                      Contact: PM me if you have questions but you can also hit up the careers page above

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                                        Company: Divvy Homes

                                        Company site: www.divvyhomes.com

                                        Position(s): Software Engineering

                                        Location: San Francisco, CA

                                        Description: We’re trying to help renters become homeowners. Customers pick the house and we buy it for them. Over the course of their 3 year lease they accumulate around 10% equity in the home, which we hope they use towards a down payment.

                                        Our product suite is surprisingly broad. We’re trying to help tens of thousands of families with a fairly lean team. Software is required for every aspect of the process. Processing customers applications, putting offers on homes and even managing payments for our residents, just to name a few.

                                        If you’re looking for a small mission-driven company where you can potentially take ownership on large sections the product, please get in touch!

                                        Contact: alex@divvyhomes.com

                                        [1] Software Overview Blogpost: https://blog.divvyhomes.com/2019/02/18/how-software-can-power-home-ownership/

                                        [2] Business/Market Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPPcS1tkOwA

                                        [3] Short Tech Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC6lKFy26Wo

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                                          Company: Bikemap

                                          Company site: https://www.bikemap.net/

                                          Position: Fullstack / iOS / Android Developer

                                          Location: Vienna, Austria

                                          Description: Hi everyone, we are currently looking for developers that want to join our team. Located in Vienna, we are the crowdsourced cycling map & navigation of the world with a great community of more than 2.3M users across the globe who have shared more than 4M cycling routes in all corners of the world. More detailed information (including our tech stack) can be found here: https://blog.bikemap.net/jobs/

                                          Feel free to apply on our website or reach out to us at join@bikemap.net.

                                          Looking forward to hearing from you. Happy cycling

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                                            Company: Bitnomial

                                            Company site: https://bitnomial.com

                                            Position(s): Software engineer, operations engineer

                                            Location: Chicago, IL No remote unfortunately

                                            Description: We’re building a Bitcoin derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

                                            Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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                                              Company: Neighbourlytics

                                              Company site: https://www.neighbourlytics.com/

                                              Position(s): Senior Software Engineer, CTO

                                              Location: Melbourne, Australia

                                              Description: Neighbourlytics is building a platform that harnesses a wide range of data to enable citymakers to better understand, compare, and analyse neighbourhoods worldwide, with the overall goal of supporting the development of more life-filled neighbourhoods and cities.

                                              The Head of Analytics has been building a product to help with this, but needs the support of a senior software engineer to take responsbility for all the aspects of engineering; from the tools and technology, to deployment, monitoring, data management and pipelines, and overall technical strategy and direction.

                                              They’re interested such cool things as Elm and Haskell. Most of the code is in Python presently, but they’re very open to doing things differently. There’s lots of cool engineering problems to solve here, and lots of interesting work around spatial analysis, urban planning, and the intersection thereof.

                                              You can find more details (and apply) here.

                                              Contact: The job form above (mention lobsters!), or alternatively feel free to PM me here; or email me at noon@neighbourlytics.com.