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Observability is a corner stone of software development, and I feel like it has gotten a lot of traction and changes in the past few years (I’d link that to the release of the SRE book).

The tag would cover all stories revolving around observability, whether the tools, or the ways to improve it in one’s application.

Here is a selection of submitted stories I found that would match this tag. I only searched for the term “observability”, so there may be more:

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    If you’re coming from the SRE angle I’d file it under ‘monitoring’, if not, ‘performance’ might be apt.

    I don’t think we have a huge problem with too many tags, but I find it a little bit too niche-y to warrant its own tag.

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      I don’t know. In my definition, monitoring is a subset of observability. So technically, the tag would have a larger area. As for performance, I don’t think that would be in-topic either. Observability is about much more than performance, and vice versa.